Emily Lark, Creator of Back to Life, on “What Makes You Click?”

We had the chance to talk with Emily Lark about her inspiring success, determination, and successful career as a yoga instructor helping people heal and regain flexibility.

Meet Emily Lark.

The first thing you should know about Emily is that she is one of our most successful health and fitness partners! With inspiring passion and ruthless determination, this hard working mom turned her entrepreneurial dreams into a reality! Emily was empowered to take her career as a Yoga instructor to infinite new heights by utilizing ClickBank’s enabling tools and resources

Considering her humble beginnings teaching yoga in a church basement, Emily’s rise to success is truly incredible. She credits ClickBank with helping her get started:

“ClickBank is responsible for me having a business. When I get started, I didn’t have any experience in marketing or the online world at all. Coming in and partnering with ClickBank has enabled me to jump into this world with a lot of support and education and, most importantly, a lot of connections. ClickBank has introduced me to all the people I needed to grow my business.”

Watch us unveil the inaugural episode of our “What Makes You Click” series. We’ll share how Emily shares her story of how she got started; how ClickBank has helped her along the way; and the personal success tips she has specifically for YOU!

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