How to Grow a Business Online: A Conversation with Emily Lark

Emily Lark took her yoga practice and scaled it to an online empire. Here’s how she did it and her tips for how to grow a business online.

Like most of Emily Lark’s business decisions, her foray into entrepreneurship started with service and teaching in mind. Having previously spent years working as a fitness and yoga instructor, she wanted to reach more people in the community by making yoga affordable—so she started her first yoga studio in a church basement. Now, it’s not just through yoga and fitness that Emily is changing lives—she’s reaching and teaching more people than ever through online marketing and business.

I wanted to know more about how Emily started from where she was and got to where she is today. I caught up with her via phone to ask a few questions, get some advice, and learn about her personal journey. Here’s what I found out:   

It was back in 2017 that Emily first partnered with ClickBank to sell and market her own product. Prior to reaching out to us, Emily had been developing her unique methodology focused on alleviating back pain–something she had been coping with herself. The program worked for her, but she credits the true success of it to her students. After watching them mobility and heal, Emily realized that she had something important to share with the world.

“Obviously, I had created a method to help with back pain that I saw personal results with for many years, and then when I started teaching, I saw how it helped all of my students—especially the oldest, even more than it helped me. So that’s when I started thinking there’s really something here and I’d love to figure out how to get this out to more people.”

It wasn’t long until Emily built her successful and effective video program, Back to Life, a video series that utilizes the natural benefits of yoga combined with the cutting-edge research of modern science. With a video program, Emily was able to pull together her innate love for health and fitness and pair it with her passion for teaching.

The next step would be sharing her product beyond her dedicated students in the church basement. She had to figure out how to scale and market her new video program to a global audience. Emily came to ClickBank to see how we could help.

“It was terrifying because I had never done anything online. I never really had a website before. I knew nothing about online sales or any of that. It was really scary and overwhelming at first. I felt like in the first six months I learned more than I had learned in all the years of my life. I was really lucky to have a great account manager at ClickBank who walked me through the set-up process.”

It’s been three years since getting her product on the internet with the help of ClickBank and Emily is eager to see others grow in their own entrepreneurial paths. For newbies out there with a product they are passionate about who might be intimidated by internet sales and marketing, Emily suggests making sure you take the time to learn. She encourages anyone who wants to scale larger to get to know the basics of marketing thoroughly and develop a strong base—not unlike the practice of yoga.

“Really take the time to do things the right way first. Make sure your product is high quality before you launch it, make sure your marketing is as great as it can possibly be before you launch, because otherwise you run into all kinds of problems afterwards if you don’t build that solid foundation.”

In addition to her work with Back to Life, Emily is excited to take her passion for teaching farther. She’s looking forward to helping other people launch online businesses through speaking and coaching opportunities.

“It’s funny, whatever I’m doing, there’s always a teaching aspect. I think that’s the most fulfilling part—I feel most grateful to be in my position when I’m the one sharing what I know.”

From teaching yoga in a basement, to sharing her awesome and motivating story from a stage, Emily is truly changing lives on the daily. Here at ClickBank, we’re proud to partner with this magnitude of inspiration.

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