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The ClickBank Platinum Program rewards the most successful businesses on ClickBank. This is how you know you’ve made it.

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What is the ClickBank Platinum Program?

The Platinum Program is built for the best of the best. Earn your spot in an exclusive community reserved for the top 1% of ClickBank affiliates and sellers. Here are some facts to know about the Platinum Program:

  1. To qualify for the Platinum program, you need to generate $250K in gross sales on ClickBank in a calendar year. Sales as a seller, affiliate, or joint venture partner all contribute to the gross sales amount.
  2. ClickBank grants Platinum status to clients as they hit the $250K sales threshold, so don’t worry if you didn’t make it last year. We’ll be happy to welcome you to the program as soon as you reach the $250k threshold in the current calendar year.
  3. There are more than 400 Platinum clients on ClickBank, counting both sellers and affiliates. Will you be one of them?

If you have what it takes to achieve Platinum status, you’ll enjoy access to elite benefits for elite marketers!

The Perks of Platinum

Exclusive Networking

As a Platinum client, you’ll get exclusive access to life-changing networking opportunities.

Imagine an event with all of the best marketers in the world in one place. That’s ClickBank’s Platinum Summit, a one-of-a-kind luxury getaway where you can meet JV partners, super affiliates, expert copywriters, and top-notch sellers and offer owners.

In addition to Platinum Summit, you’ll be granted access to the Platinum Facebook Group, where you can connect with and learn from other Platinums year-round.

You’ll also be among the first to get an invite to ClickBank’s 10+ live roadshows held all over the world.

Platinum Summit

Dedicated Account Manager

As a Platinum client, you’ll be assigned a dedicated ClickBank account manager. Think of this person as your very own advisor, strategist, and support specialist.

Your account manager will facilitate key introductions, grant you access to exclusive revenue-boosting features in your ClickBank account, provide on-demand custom reporting, and offer personalized support based on your unique needs.

Plus, get direct contact to the affiliates and sellers you need through personalized introductions from ClickBank.

Powerful Industry Recognition

As a Platinum client, you’ll receive your own custom-printed 6 lb Platinum award to commemorate your success and cement your place in ClickBank’s top 1%.

Even better, you’ll be able to share your newfound Platinum status with the world. ClickBank Platinums are respected and admired throughout our industry.

What new opportunities will open up for your business with that kind of recognition?

Priority Support

As a Platinum client, you get the red carpet treatment. Our Platinum clients have already proven themselves, so we’re happy to provide extra support for everything from new product launches to massive affiliate

What does our priority support look like?

  • Expedited approvals
  • Twice-weekly payments
  • Personalized attention
  • Partnership opportunities with ClickBank

You’ll get all the priority help you need to make your next business venture on ClickBank a huge success!

“ClickBank at that point was only eBooks, eCourses, that type of stuff. And they had been talking about doing physical products. So, we were one of the first physical products to launch. And at the beginning, they were an integral part of our success. Our first year out, we did a over, over 7 million in online sales. Now we're going on year three. ClickBank has allowed me to simplify the process of launching a product online.”


“ClickBank not only took me from the bottom and helped my step-by-step to figure out the process, but then when it was time, when I had everything set up and I had my program ready to go, then ClickBank basically opened the doors for me into a world of marketers and affiliates that I never would have had contact with or even known about if it weren’t for ClickBank. My very first year with ClickBank, I reached over 100,000 customers with my product.”

-Emily Lark

“I would have to say ClickBank really had a big impact on me, because that’s the first real interaction I had in the online world, which was back when I was washing dishes. I said wow, that’s an opportunity that I can create a career out of. ClickBank is a very, very big part of my success and it made me become who I am today.”

-Fred Lam

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