ClickBank Welcomes Kelly Householder as CEO

ClickBank Welcomes Kelly Householder as Chief Executive Officer. As a reputable and proven leader in the Boise, ID technology market since 2001, Kelly Householder has been leading retail, eCommerce, and technology teams across a variety of industries.

ClickBank is proud to announce the appointment of Kelly Householder as our new Chief Executive Officer. With a Boise-based tech leader at the helm, ClickBank is excited to transform our experience for customers and clients to deliver a world-class Internet Marketing platform.

Throughout his experience, Householder has served in strategic leadership roles with hands-on experience in retail sales systems, eCommerce, shipping operations and logistics, large media platforms, mobile content distribution, and high volume social platforms. He has a stellar reputation as a leader who is highly skilled, collaborative, passionate and a great mentor.

Householder has raised his family in Boise. He and his wife, are getting ready to celebrate 30 years of marriage and have two adult sons, one who is active in the local tech market and the other, a corporate pilot. When he is not leading transformation or enhancing a customer journey, Kelly is a skilled aviator and flight instructor. His love for fishing, motorsports, and boating aligns well with the active ClickBank outdoor enthusiasts.

Kelly Householder - ClickBank CEO

Before Joining ClickBank

Before joining ClickBank, Householder was the Chief Solutions Officer, previously Chief Technology Officer, of providing strategic solutions and oversight of the comprehensive technology platforms. Prior to this, he led large-scale technology integration and custom software solutions with E2E consulting with a focus on Oracle and Microsoft technologies. Householder has also held numerous key management roles at Albertsons and SuperValu, both in retail and corporate, contributing to their software development, operations, product management and R&D teams.

“As an Idaho native, I am thankful to have the opportunity to join ClickBank,” said Householder. “ClickBank is a leader in the performance marketing industry with a strong history in Idaho’s technology community. I plan to draw from my years of leadership in retail, eCommerce, and technology to ensure my team at ClickBank has the leadership and support required to provide our clients a world-class online experience.”

ClickBank is buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement for Householder’s skills and leadership. Not only is he an ideal cultural fit, Householder gets energized and clarity from client collaboration and partnership. Stay tuned for upcoming forums to meet Kelly Householder. Until then, please join us in welcoming him to the ClickBank community.

A Little More About ClickBank

Founded in 1998, ClickBank has established itself as a top global internet retailer powering one of the world’s leading performance marketing platforms for both digital and physical products.  The ClickBank platform meets at the intersection of ecommerce, fintech and adtech, enabling entrepreneurs to drive consumer traffic and sales through a commissioned affiliate network.

With over 200 million customers, six million platform users and distribution in 190 countries, ClickBank’s powerful e-commerce and mobile ecosystem provides entrepreneurs with a reliable secure online marketplace to help them sell their products and services.