Why E-commerce Brands
Choose Performance Affiliates

As an e-commerce brand, you’re focused on acquiring new customers and growing revenue.

Unfortunately, traditional customer acquisition methods pose a lot of challenges – everything from unpredictable CACs to unprofitable campaigns on unproven channels.

That’s why thousands of e-commerce brands and product owners have embraced a better way to grow: performance affiliate marketing.

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Why Performance Affiliates?

Performance affiliate marketing involves product owners paying an affiliate commission to expert paid media buyers who run ads on their behalf on popular platforms like YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, or Google Ads.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect with a performance affiliate program compared to traditional marketing methods.

Traditional Marketing Efforts
Performance Affiliate Program on ClickBank
Traditional Marketing Efforts Must learn new channels in-house or hire expensive agency
Performance Affiliate Program on ClickBank Can outsource growth on new channels to experts at no upfront cost
Traditional Marketing Efforts CAC is always changing
Performance Affiliate Program on ClickBank Predictable CAC with fixed CPA commissions
Traditional Marketing Efforts Pay advertising costs with no guarantee of new customers or profit
Performance Affiliate Program on ClickBank Only pay a commission once you’ve acquired new customer
Traditional Marketing Efforts Reach is restricted to users on big tech platforms
Performance Affiliate Program on ClickBank Access exclusive audiences with massive email affiliates
Traditional Marketing Efforts AOV is limited to what buyer adds to the cart, often dependent on coupons
Performance Affiliate Program on ClickBank Higher AOV and LTV due to in-cart and post-purchase upsells – no coupons needed
Performance affiliates can transform your e-commerce business.
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Case Study:

Lionheart Legacy Media

Lionheart Legacy Media is a nutraceutical company with three different brands for CBD oil supplement products. They’re also a ClickBank Platinum seller making at least $250K per year on ClickBank.

In fact, the company sees six figures in sales every month from affiliates promoting their offers (not including what they generate on all of the other channels they utilize to sell their products). See what the owners at Lionheart say about their incredible success working with affiliates on ClickBank.

Customer acquisition at scale

Unlock new channels

When you work with full-time affiliate marketers, you tap into their expertise and reach on brand-new marketing channels, including email lists, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, native ads, TikTok, and online communities.

These are channels you may not have in-house experience with for customer acquisition, or that you may not even have access to. Top performance affiliates can open doors to entirely new acquisition channels for your brand.

A game-changing integration for ecom brands

ClickBank + Shopify

As an e-commerce brand, chances are good you’re leveraging Shopify.

If you operate a Shopify store and also have products on ClickBank, you can use our Shopify custom app to track ClickBank orders and customer data right inside of Shopify. Manage your business all in one place with this free integration, while still benefiting from the revenue-boosting potential of affiliates on ClickBank.

Most importantly, you won’t need to make any changes to your fulfillment process or pay any additional fulfillment costs when working with ClickBank.

Build a sales-generating machine

Predictable profitability for your e-commerce brand

Ready to get steady, predictable affiliate sales at scale for your e-commerce business?

Trusted Reputation

Build your business on a rock-solid foundation

A business you can count on. ClickBank is a 25-year giant in the space with more than $5.8 billion in payouts to date – and we’ve never missed a payment!

How to Get Started

Interested in taking the next step and leveraging the power of performance affiliates?

We encourage you to book a meeting with Lauren Lee, senior ecommerce business development manager at ClickBank!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many different kinds of affiliates, from coupon affiliates to content publishers to social media influencers. What distinguishes ClickBank and performance affiliate marketing is an emphasis on taking prospects all the way through the buying journey in a single touch point.

In other words, performance affiliates can turn cold traffic into customers for you. This can be a powerful new customer acquisition channel and revenue driver for your business!

ClickBank provides a lot of features inside the product to allow you to whitelist affiliates you want to work with, blacklist affiliates you don’t want to work with, and set specific terms and commission rates. 

While opening up your product to affiliate promotion does mean giving up some control, you have a lot of ways to make sure that you’re only working with affiliates you trust.   

Generally, affiliates will scour the ClickBank marketplace looking for high-converting offers they can share with an audience to generate sales (and commissions for themselves).

If you can create a direct response offer out of your flagship product and list it on ClickBank, you’re well on your way to building an entirely new source of sales and customers.

If you have an ecommerce business with seven figures in revenue and a product that could be a good fit for ClickBank, we encourage you to book a meeting with Lauren.