ClickBank Top Offers for January 2021

There’s never been a better time to start promoting ClickBank products. As the world emerges from the dust of 2020 and steps into the slightly more hopeful 2021, there’s never been one fact more evident than the world relies on the internet. These ClickBank Top Offers are lucrative, exciting, and sustaining. Make sure to read on and check out the sleeper offers too! There’s something for everyone in this batch!

To learn more about EPC and how to leverage this powerful metric, check out this blog.

1. Steelbite

Steelbite is a supplement containing 23 herbs, nutrients, and plants that supports oral health. This offer is currently #1 on ClickBank right now and it’s no wonder; peep these affiliate stats: 

EPC = $.89
Max Cart Value = $881

Average $/conversion = $108.92

With exceptionally compelling copy, this offer does well on a multitude of platforms. Considering that nearly everybody has teeth and an increasing interest in all-natural products, there’s a wide audience that will be responsive to this top offer.

2. The Lost Book of Remedies 

If you’ve tuned into ClickBank Topoffers before, you’ll be familiar with The Lost Book of Remedies. This chart-crusher has famously high EPC and AOV. 

Due to Facebook’s new guidelines, affiliates are encouraged to promote via email. This offer is a great foray into the survivalist niche, but not too specific that it should deter anyone interested in these stellar stats:

EPC = $1.71 
AOV = $25
Average $/conversion = $42.33

This offer is a great way to bridge the demographic gap between a prepper email list and a health email list. The copy is on point and top affiliates tend to see their EPC double with this offer. Plus, there’s a brand new VSL!   

Check out the affiliate tools page here. 

3. Flat Belly Tonic

The Flat Belly Tonic offer has been a staple on the ClickBank Top Offer list for a few months now. Don’t worry though–there’s still time to get on the promotion train for this. With a high EPC and AOV, this offer is perfect for media buying and email lists. The affiliate page is chock full of marketing assets for promoters and affiliates can expect to earn and average EPC of $1.32

Check out the affiliate tools page here.

4. The Lost Ways

Here’s another perfect offer for the survivalist niche affiliates. The best thing about this offer are the videos that you can A/B test on your traffic. However, like The Lost Book of Remedies, this offer is best for email due to the updated Facebook restrictions. Don’t let that stop you from promoting though; the EPC on this offer averages around $1.38. 

Average $/conversion = $47.23
Recurring$/rebill = $16.02

Check out the affiliate tools page here.

5. YogaBurn

One of the greatest things about the YogaBurn offer is its dynamite affiliate tools page. This offer looks good and converts even better. Media buyers and email list promoters would be remiss to pass this one up. With an EPC of $1.11, YogaBurn is a highly compliant offer full of upsell potential. 

Average $/conversion = $112.65
Recurring $/rebill = $32.06

Check out the affiliate tools page here. 

Bonus Sleeper Offers 

These bonus sleeper offers are up and coming affiliate marketing gold mines. Each of these offers is gaining traction and we’re predicting that they will rise through the ranks quickly. Get in on the ground floor with these offers and grow your affiliate marketing skills and portfolio today. 

1. ProstaStream 

ProstraSteram is a men’s health supplement that supports prostate health. With a limited number of affiliates, this is an offer you don’t want to miss. This copywriting is compelling, engaging, and will create conversions like you won’t believe. 

Average $/conversion = $110.98

2. Unlock Her

Unlock Her is primed and ready for success. This is the perfect offer for any men’s health email list or traffic source. With engaging video and copy, this offer effortlessly attracts traffic.

Average $/conversion = $76.34
Recurring $/rebill = $42.43

3. Synapsext 

This offer targets brain and hearing health. It’s a perfect offer for email lists and media buying. Affiliates are receiving an average payout of $108.50.

Average $/conversion = $133.71

Check out the affiliate tools page here. 

4. Reading Headstart

There’s never been a better time to promote home education offers and products. Reading Headstart is perfect for media buying and email lists. It’s a wholesome product that offers affiliate prizes and is growing fast.

Average $/conversion = $261.13
Recurring $/rebill = $41.51

Check out the affiliate tools page here. 

5. Rocket Languages 

Rocket Languages is a great promotion right now considering new year’s resolutions and social distancing. With a high EPC and a killer affiliate tools page, Rocket Languages is sure to grow and grow fast. With several programs to choose from, there’s multiple channels of potential.  

EPC = $1.16
Average $/conversion = $34.95 – $113.49, depending on language 

Check out the affiliate tool’s page here. 

New to affiliate marketing? 

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