Jen Hansard of Simple Green Smoothies on “What Makes you Click?”

We had the chance to interview Jen Hansard, the CEO of Simple Green Smoothies. We talked passion, adversity, and-of course-smoothies.

For those of you trying to turn your passions into a paycheck, today’s episode of What Makes You Click? was made for YOU!

Meet Jen Hansard.

One of our newest ClickBank partners and founder of Simple Green Smoothies, Jen Hansard is a mom, wife, health + wellness expert, and a pioneer in the smoothie space!

Jen and her gorgeous brand Simple Green Smoothies were recently featured on the hit show, The Doctor’s, where she showcased her smoothies’ incredible health benefits and her expertise on all things smoothies.

Not only is Jen a smoothie guru, she is the author of two best-selling books: Simple Green Smoothies and Simple Green Meals. She leads plant-based workshops and adventure retreats across the country and blogs at

We brought Jen into the ClickBank studio where she shares all the “juicy” details on:

  • How she turned her passion into a runaway online business
  • The secrets to being a successful entrepreneur
  • Great advice on how to overcome adversity in the online space
  • Plus much more!

Ready to be inspired? Watch episode 2 of What Makes You Click? RIGHT NOW!

Visit Simple Green Smoothies to try Jen’s delicious smoothies for yourself and your family!

Apply here if you want to promote Jen’s “rawsome” products!

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