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There are several reasons a vendor or brand may be reluctant to add an affiliate marketing arm to their marketing plan. Affiliate marketing, and its history, is oftentimes largely misunderstood. Vendors and brands fear that if they open their products and offers up to affiliates, they will lose control of their reputation and messaging. Or,…
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ClickBank Top Offers

Sarah Rosin | February 2, 2021
ClickBank Top Offers for February 2021 Whew! We're one month in and things have already gone a little... hectic, shall we say. No matter what kind of volatility the world is experiencing, affiliate marketing is always a great way to capitalize on current events and…
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How to Find People to Promote Your Product

Sarah Rosin | October 6, 2020
You’ve done the hard part. You’ve put together your offer, tested it, and fine-tuned your VSL. Now it’s time to find people to promote your product. Building the best affiliate…
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How to Attract More Affiliates

Sarah Rosin | August 31, 2020
Every ClickBank seller knows that a critical part of scaling their online enterprise is curating their affiliate program. Building an awesome affiliate program involves commission incentives, easy-to-use brand tools, and new product launches--among many other elements. However, the first step to curating an affiliate program…
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What Makes Robby Blanchard Click?

Jessie Simonson | May 22, 2019
Robby Blanchard is the number one affiliate on ClickBank. We talked to him about what he loves about ClickBank and what makes him click. “That's really what it's all about,…
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What Makes Amanda Dobson Click?

Jessie Simonson | April 16, 2019
Amanda Dobson stopped by to talk about what she likes about ClickBank and what makes her click. Amanda Dobson is ClickBank expert and funnel optimizer who knows how to leverage…
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If you want to scale your affiliate program efficiently and quickly, implement these five tips from Connor Gillivan. A guest blog post by Connor Gillivan, Chief Marketing Officer of…
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