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Improve search result rankings with Google and get free traffic

How to Get Free Traffic Using Google

Sarah Rosin | January 22, 2021
To learn how to get free traffic using Google, you need to learn how Google actually works.  Psst! Check out this full video with Thomas McMahon, Senior Business Development Manager at ClickBank, on our YouTube Channel.  Google’s Legion of Spiders  We’ll start with a metaphor from Thomas McMahon:  Imagine that Google has a staff of…
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ClickBank Top Offers for January 2021

Sarah Rosin | January 7, 2021
There’s never been a better time to start promoting ClickBank products. As the world emerges from the dust of 2020 and steps into the slightly more hopeful 2021, there’s never…
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What is Earnings Per Click aka EPC?

Sarah Rosin | December 16, 2020
Here's how you can learn how to harness the power of EPC and use the metric to better understand your offer. EPC stands for “earnings per click.” If you’re…
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Remembering Former Zappos CEO Tony Hseih

Sarah Rosin | December 1, 2020
A customer service visionary gone too soon. CEO of Zappos, Tony Hseih, has died from injuries sustained in a house fire in Connecticut. He was 46. Hseih was best known…
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