What is CLKBANK*COM: Understanding Charges on Your Credit Card Statement


If you see an unknown charge like this from ClickBank appearing as CLKBANK*COM on your bank statement or credit card bill, you purchased a product from a business that uses ClickBank as their payment processor.

And what is ClickBank? ClickBank is a trusted e-commerce platform and marketplace that helps companies and affiliate marketers connect to sell and promote products online to customers like you around the world! (Learn more about ClickBank.)

Now, to identify which specific product you purchased, here are a few quick steps to follow:

1) Use the Order Lookup tool. You can look up your order on ClickBank’s customer service portal here. Just scroll down to the section titled “Order Lookup,” enter your email address and Order Number, and click the “Look Up My Order” button to get all the details about the charge (more on that below).

2) Locate your order confirmation email. Any time you purchase a product that’s processed through ClickBank, you’ll receive an order confirmation email. To find your order confirmation, you can search for “noreply@clickbank.com” or your Order Number in your email inbox. Within the email, you’ll see when the charge was initiated and which product you bought. If it’s not in your primary inbox, don’t forget to check your Spam or Junk folder, just in case.

3) Live chat with customer service. If you’re not having any luck with either of those two options, then please visit the ClickBank customer service portal and hit the “Live Chat Now” button at the top. This will get you in touch with our customer support. It’s very fast – you should get to a live person within a minute.

These are 3 simple steps to help you find out about any CLKBANK*COM charge on your bill. Now that we’ve outlined what to do, let’s dive into each step in more detail!

1) Use the Order Lookup Tool

The only information you need to use the Order Lookup is (1) the email address you entered to make the purchase and (2) the Order Number provided by ClickBank. 

To find the Order Number, just look at the charge on your bill or in your confirmation email. In either place, you’ll see a string of letters and numbers after CLKBANK*COM_. 

For example:


In this case, the Order Number would be F9L3ACXK. Simply copy and paste or type the Order Number into the Order Number field, along with your email address in the email address field. 

It should look something like this:

Then, hit the “Look Up My Order” button and you’ll receive an email with a direct link to your order so you can verify the charge and see all the details about your purchase.

Here’s an example screenshot of what the receipt looks like after you look up your order:

If you don’t have your email address and Order Number for any reason, then you can try step #2 and locate your order confirmation email. 

Or just skip straight ahead and hit the “Live Chat Now” button at the top of the ClickBank order portal to get help from a live ClickBank customer service agent: 

2) Locate Your Order Confirmation Email 

Secondarily, you can go to your email inbox and type “noreply@clickbank.com” (or type in your Order Number) in the search bar to locate the order confirmation you should have received with a ClickBank purchase.

Here’s an example of what the order confirmation email looks like:

Notice that this email shows you the exact charge that will appear on your bill, including a breakdown of the price, your specific Order Number, the date of purchase, and most importantly, a name and image of the actual product associated with the transaction.

In the example order above, I “purchased” a physical product called Keto Boost+ (3 bottles) for a total price of $134.62 on August 16, 2023. I can see the Order Number for this purchase and compare it to the charge I see on my bill or statement to confirm that the charge is legitimate.

Let’s say I forgot that I ordered this product or I didn’t realize the order was processed through ClickBank. This confirmation email provides me all the information I need to fully understand the charge!

3) Live Chat with Customer Service

If you don’t know how to look up your order or you just want to talk to a person, you can always hit the “Live Chat Now” button at the top of the ClickBank order support portal

As a reminder, it looks like this:

After you initiate a live chat, a little window will pop up and prompt you to provide your email address and Order Number before you speak with an agent. But if you don’t have one or both of these for any reason, you’ll still be able to talk to a person – usually within a minute! Just be sure you’re getting in touch during standard hours of 6 am to 8 pm Mountain time, 7 days a week. 

Hopefully, this quick summary has helped you figure out how to understand the charge on your statement or bill. But if you need more information, keep reading – in this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about ClickBank, CLKBANK, and resolving any issues you have!

What is CLKBANK?

“CLKBANK” is the identifier for a ClickBank charge on your credit card bill, as in the ClickBank transaction example below.

CLKBANK is also the name of the ClickBank order support portal where you can look up your ClickBank order, contact support, update your billing or shipping information, and make any other necessary changes to an order as needed.

Did I Make a ClickBank Purchase?

You may not remember buying anything from ClickBank specifically, but you probably made a recent purchase from a vendor or business who uses ClickBank’s platform to process orders like yours.

Let’s briefly walk through what that looks like. Typically, a company that sells a product through ClickBank will have some kind of sales page talking about the benefits of their product. 

If you click the buy button on that page, you’ll be taken to a ClickBank order form, which looks something like this example:

Note the ClickBank logo near the top of this order form, and the ClickBank Guarantee at the bottom of the page here: 

Once you check out on this page, you’ll also see a popup notice that tells you the total price of your order, how the order will appear on your statement, and which email address ClickBank sent the receipt to:

Common types of products sold through ClickBank include video courses, ebooks, dietary supplements, and a wide variety of other popular physical and digital products. 

That earlier screenshot featured a good example of a ClickBank product – the popular digital yoga exercise program called Yoga Burn – but there are many quality products sold through our platform. 

What is ClickBank?

For more context about CLKBANK, it may help to share more about what ClickBank is.

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and affiliate network that helps brands and companies get their products in front of potential customers just like you! 

Compared to online retailers like Amazon or Target, ClickBank.com is NOT a destination for consumers to go directly buy products online. Instead, think of ClickBank as a third-party payment processor that works on behalf of the brand or company you’ve bought a product from to collect funds and helpful fulfill orders – sort of like a Stripe or PayPal.

ClickBank is technically the merchant of record for every product purchased through our platform, which is why CLKBANK may appear on your bill – but it should only show up if you’ve actually bought something from a seller or business who uses ClickBank.

NOTE: ClickBank is a long-standing online marketplace with more than 25 years in business. You can count on us to be reliable and trustworthy!

Why Haven’t I Heard of CLKBANK Before?

“CLKBANK” is simply the transactional representation of ClickBank on your bill or statement. 

It’s not exactly a household name, so you likely wouldn’t come across CLKBANK until after you’ve made a purchase powered by the ClickBank platform. And again, even though you’ve technically been charged for your product by ClickBank, you actually bought from one of the many brands or companies whose products are sold through ClickBank’s platform.

Fortunately, you know what CLKBANK is now, so you’ll recognize it when you come across any past or future purchases that run through ClickBank.

How to Recognize a Legitimate CLKBANK Charge

Okay, you know that your CLKBANK charge is most likely a legitimate transaction, but you want to double-check to be sure. Good idea!

To validate a CLKBANK transaction on your bill or statement, we recommend following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Match the date of the charge with any online purchases you’ve recently made.
  2. Check for email confirmations or receipts from ClickBank. 
  3. Review the product or service name alongside the charge.

Order Lookup for ClickBank Products

You can also validate that your order is legitimate by looking it up in the CLKBANK order portal.

First of all, if you’re a repeat ClickBank customer, you can go ahead and create an account on the CLKBANK portal. This will allow you to log in and view your order history directly.

But if you’d rather just look up an individual order, CLKBANK has an “Order Lookup” feature that we’ll walk you through here.

If you have the email address you used to buy the product and an Order Number sent to you from ClickBank post-purchase, then you can easily look up your order with that information.

Otherwise, you’ll need that email address and either your zip code or the last four digits of the card you used to make the purchase. Then, you’ll be able to see an order history associated with that email by entering the verification code or clicking the link in the follow-up email you get after hitting the “Look Up My Order” button.

Frequently Asked Questions


“CLKBANK” refers to the way a transaction appears on your bill once you’ve made a purchase through ClickBank. It’s also the name of ClickBank’s order support portal, which you can access here.

Why am I being charged by ClickBank?

Most likely, if you see a charge from ClickBank (i.e. CLKBANK*COM) on your bill or statement, it means you purchased a digital or physical product from a company or brand in the last 30-60 days who uses ClickBank to process their orders. If you believe you’ve been charged by mistake, please click the “Live Chat Now” button on our order support portal to speak to a ClickBank customer service agent.

How do I look up a ClickBank order?

You can use the self-service Order Lookup feature above. All you have to do is provide your email address and the Order Number (which shows up as the second half of the charge on your bill, as in: CLKBANK*COM_[Order Number]. You can also check your email to see if the order confirmation is there. 

One handy way to do this quickly is by searching for the email address “noreply@clickbank.com” in your inbox. Any purchases you’ve made from ClickBank should appear there if you’ve identified the email address you used to make the purchase.  

How do I cancel a Clickbank subscription?

You should be able to cancel a ClickBank subscription yourself through the Order Lookup feature. If you have any trouble doing this or don’t have all the information you need to go through Order Lookup, feel free to hit the “Live Chat Now” button at the top of this page to speak with a ClickBank customer service agent. 

How do I get my money back from ClickBank? 

You should be able to request a refund from ClickBank yourself through the Order Lookup feature. If you have any trouble doing this or don’t have all the information you need to go through Order Lookup, feel free to hit the “Live Chat Now” button at the top of this page to speak with a ClickBank customer service agent. 

What is (800) 390-6035?

The phone number (800) 390-6035 is the official customer service line for CLKBANK. It’s toll-free. If you’re outside the US, you may also try our international line: +1 (208) 345-4245.

If you have any questions or concerns about a CLKBANK charge, don’t hesitate to call or visit CLKBANK.com. Another great way to get in touch is with a live chat with our support team during standard hours of operation. Just hit the “Live Chat Now” button at the top of the ClickBank order support portal at CLKBANK.com.

Is CLKBANK a scam?

Absolutely not! Just because you may not immediately recognize “CLKBANK” on your statement doesn’t mean fraudulent activity has occurred. It’s good to be vigilant, but you should also be informed.

Here at ClickBank, we pride ourselves on rigorous security measures to avoid fraud and transparency in the way we process transactions. You can be highly confident that you were charged for a legitimate purchase you initiated online. 

What if this really is fraud?

ClickBank has a dedicated risk & compliance department to ensure anyone who sells products through our platform is a good actor. We also deploy sophisticated fraud detection tools and verify shipping addresses to ensure all charges are legitimate. In the very rare case that a fraudulent charge has occurred, you should reach out to customer support to resolve the issue. 

But in all likelihood, you simply initiated a purchase online and didn’t realize it would show up as a charge from ClickBank on your statement. If that’s the case, please use Order Lookup, check your order confirmation email, or start a live chat with our support team to validate the charge and resolve any issue you may have.


ClickBank is committed to transparency, customer satisfaction, and security. We encourage you to always keep an eye on your statements and be on the lookout for unfamiliar charges – but keep in mind that not every unfamiliar charge signifies something fraudulent.

To look up your order(s) or reach out with questions or concerns, please visit our order portal at CLKBANK.com or call us at (800) 390-6035.

Feel free to check out additional resources on CLKBANK below: