ClickBank Accelerator Review (2024): The Pros and Cons of ClickBank’s All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Funnel Builder

We have exciting news: ClickBank just launched a brand-new funnel builder specifically for ClickBank affiliates who want to promote ClickBank offers and run affiliate traffic. The tool is called ClickBank Accelerator, and it can help you find affiliate success faster than ever!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In this ClickBank Accelerator review for 2023, I want to talk about what Accelerator is, why ClickBank created it, and how it can help both affiliates and sellers to create affiliate marketing landing pages, blogs, websites, and funnels with ease and find success more quickly.

Of course, I need to say that ClickBank owns and manages ClickBank Accelerator, along with the affiliate education platform, Spark by ClickBank – and I personally work with the team behind these products.

So, while I’ll do my best to offer an unbiased look at the program, my proximity to Accelerator is something to keep in mind. Now, let’s dive into the review!

What is ClickBank?

In case you’re not too familiar with ClickBank, I briefly want to touch on what ClickBank is and what we do. ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace and e-commerce platform that helps connect sellers (i.e. people or brands with their own products to sell) and affiliates (i.e. marketers looking to promote products in exchange for a commission on each sale they generate).

ClickBank marketplace 2023

There’s a thriving world of online business that you can be a part of on ClickBank – either by selling your own product or by earning a commission when you sell other people’s products. A lot of everyday people don’t even know about the incredible opportunities online – or if they do, they’re not sure how to make affiliate marketing work for them!

So, if you’re new to this “affiliate marketing” thing and want to get started faster? That’s where Accelerator comes in!

What is ClickBank Accelerator?

ClickBank Accelerator is a new affiliate marketing funnel builder that’s perfect for ClickBank affiliates and sellers. 

It’s an all-in-one tool featuring a “custom funnel generator” that you go through while onboarding to create an entire funnel around your use case (affiliate or seller), your chosen niche, and your expected traffic source. 

Essentially, Accelerator suggests what your funnel should look like, which is super helpful when you’re new to affiliate marketing or just want to get going quickly. The resulting page or blog will come preloaded with images, colors, and layouts that are ready for you to customize and launch!

The other key feature is that it comes with all the affiliate tools you would use in one place. You can build, launch, and manage your funnels, blogs, and websites from one platform, and you can set up opt-in forms, capture email addresses, connect automation, tag/organize your leads, connect custom domains, and send out emails to a list – all within the same platform. It even has the option for pre-built funnels and pre-written email sequences for the latest top offers on ClickBank. 

How do Accelerator and ClickBank work together?

Accelerator and ClickBank are a powerful combination. ClickBank’s marketplace gives you free access to a wide range of quality affiliate products you can go promote to earn affiliate commissions, and Accelerator allows you to capitalize on your chosen traffic source by easily creating the pages, posts, and emails you need.

ClickBank is a popular affiliate marketplace that’s been a leader in the space for more than 25 years. The marketplace looks like this:

With ClickBank, you can quickly find quality, high-converting affiliate products in more than 20+ categories and dozens of subcategories. When you see an offer that looks good, you just hit the “Promote” button and instantly generate a unique affiliate tracking link (known as a HopLink on ClickBank) that you can place online to start earning commissions!

Where Accelerator comes in is helping you execute on your affiliate marketing efforts, building those landing pages, bridge pages, email sequences, blogs, and websites where you can place your affiliate links online! 

Accelerator is flexible enough to support whatever path is best for you, with a Custom Funnel Generator that can give you a huge head start based on your chosen niche and traffic source.

Ultimately, ClickBank makes it super easy to get credit for the affiliate sales you generate and get paid – and Accelerator helps you turn your affiliate marketing ideas into reality!

ClickBank Accelerator in Action

Before we dive too far into the what’s, how’s, and why’s of ClickBank Accelerator, I want to talk about my own experience using the tool.

My initial impressions testing the product are that it does exactly what it promises, in that you can very quickly take a template for a certain style of landing page (such as a video presell, text presell, advertorial, etc.) and create your own version in less time!

In fact, I recently participated in a “10-minute challenge” with a few other ClickBank experts to build a landing page in under 10 minutes using Accelerator. 

The 10 Minute Funnel Building Challenge

The idea behind our “10 Minute Challenge” was to see if we could build an affiliate landing page in 10 minutes or less using Accelerator.

Spoiler alert: the answer was (mostly) yes! I personally have a lot of prior experience working with WordPress and a few other page builders, so I’m not a total beginner, but I’m also not a web designer by any means – and I was still able to build a landing page for a lead magnet funnel quickly and easily in Accelerator! 

I encourage you to see what it was like for us to build different types of landing pages for different traffic sources using ClickBank Accelerator: 

Now, I’ll admit, the UI in Accelerator can be a little confusing in places, and I don’t love that it sometimes has to refresh the entire page after you make changes. But once you learn where everything is and get used to a few quirks, the tool is thankfully super easy to use.

And in my opinion, the best thing about it is that you may never need to build a page from scratch in Accelerator. By using the Custom Funnel Generator and our pre-built templates based on the funnels of ClickBank’s most successful affiliates, you can start out 80-90% of the way towards whatever page or funnel you’re looking to build!

Why Should You Use ClickBank Accelerator?

There’s a simple reason why ClickBank Accelerator is a solid value for most affiliates: it gives you all the functionality you need in one simple tool for an affordable monthly price. 

By combining a lot of common affiliate software – a landing page builder, CRM software, email service provider, web host, and funnel builder – into one tool called Accelerator, the ClickBank team has made it so you can save a ton of money on the essential tools you need to succeed online.  

Now, if you’re an advanced affiliate or seller, Accelerator may not have the depth of features to replace every one of these different tools for you – but for most people, Accelerator is more than enough. Assuming your goal is to do affiliate marketing on ClickBank or a similar platform, then you may only need to stand up a simple landing page or two, so any extra bells and whistles just add complexity and get in the way!

Accelerator isn’t overly fancy, but it’s the perfect tool for affiliates and sellers who need a way to build pages and funnels without a lot of hassle. 

Top Features of ClickBank Accelerator

So, what exactly does this “all-in-one” funnel builder do? Here are the 6 top features in Accelerator that you need to know about:

1) Landing page building

Create affiliate-specific landing pages that effectively convert cold traffic into buyers. 

2) Funnel building

Easily build multi-step funnels to seamlessly guide your leads through each step of the buying journey and increase conversions.

3) Email marketing

Send targeted emails and leverage email automation to continue to market to your audience and boost sales.

4) Contact management

Keep track of your leads all in one place with a simple tagging contact management system.

5) Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your funnel’s performance and make data-driven decisions to increase your commissions.

6) Done-for-you templates

Get started quickly with the templates that thousands of successful affiliates are already using for their landing pages, funnels, and email campaigns.

ClickBank Accelerator Pros and Cons

Okay, I’ve covered what Accelerator is and how to use it. Now, I want to touch on the biggest pros and cons of this tool over others you might choose to use as an affiliate or seller.

Accelerator Pros:

  • Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Affiliate Software:
    • An affordable platform for affiliates: In an industry where each software tool can take a big bite out of your budget, ClickBank Accelerator stands out with its affordable pricing model of under $50 per month. Whether you choose Accelerator’s monthly plan or the 6-month bundle, you’re getting a great deal.
    • Get the functionality you need all in one place: The hassle of integrating various platforms can be overwhelming and costly. Accelerator’s combined features of landing page building, funnel creation, email marketing, and CRM means fewer subscriptions and a smoother workflow.
  • Ease of Implementation:
    • The tool comes with pre-built templates: Thanks to a diverse range of ready-to-use templates and the game-changing Custom Funnel Generator, Accelerator makes it super easy to get started. These pre-built resources dramatically reduce the time from coming up with an idea to being able to execute on it.
    • You’ll enjoy guided funnel creation: If you’re unfamiliar with how to construct a successful funnel, the onboarding step gives you guided assistance, recommending the right funnel, colors, and page layout based on key criteria like niche and traffic source.
  • User-Friendly For Non-Techies:
    • You don’t need to code or design: Accelerator’s drag-and-drop features and intuitive design mean that even without a technical background, you can construct professional-looking pages.
    • It’s easy to learn and use: Although there are some UI quirks, once you’ve gotten comfortable in the tool, you can launch landing pages, email campaigns, and other marketing assets.

Accelerator Cons:

  • Limited Advanced Features:
    • The tool may be too simple for some users: While ClickBank Accelerator is proficient in its offerings, those looking for intricate features in email marketing or detailed analytics might find it lacking compared to specialized tools.
    • The templates may have limitations: The platform’s focus on ease might limit customization options for someone who wants to create totally original pages.
  • The User Interface Isn’t Perfect:
    • Unexpected Icons: As I mentioned before, certain icons like the magnifying glass for adding an image can be non-intuitive. Improving these little quirks will make the user experience better.
    • Page Refreshes: The occasional need to automatically refresh the page after making modifications can be a hiccup in the workflow, especially when you want to work quickly.
  • Lack of Marketing Education:
    • The tool’s training mostly focuses on how to use Accelerator: While Accelerator is a robust tool for creating and managing marketing assets like landing pages and funnels, it doesn’t really tell you how to build an effective landing page or promote products to your audience.
    • Affiliate education is available elsewhere. ClickBank does offer in-depth courses in Spark by ClickBank to provide that foundational affiliate education, but it would be nice to see more education or tutorials included in Accelerator (especially for customers who are new to affiliate marketing).

What Customers Are Saying About Accelerator

A lot of people have found a lot to like about ClickBank Accelerator!

Bryan L said:

And we received a video from one Accelerator user, Alex, who’s done digital marketing for over a decade and used a lot of page builders throughout his career. Here’s what he had to say:

We’ve had plenty of other positive feedback from customers, but it mostly boils down to the same key point: “Accelerator helped me get going on my affiliate marketing business fast and start making sales!”

ClickBank Accelerator Pricing

Good news: the pricing for ClickBank Accelerator is really simple!

You can sign up for a monthly subscription of $47/mo and get access to ALL of the features I’ve talked about, from landing page and funnel building to email automation and contact management.

Or you can get a 6-month bundle of Accelerator for one payment of $197, which is essentially getting an extra two months for free!

Find out more about what you get with Accelerator here.

ClickBank Accelerator Review: The Verdict

So, what’s the bottom line? Is it yay or nay on Accelerator? 

Well, if you’re a beginner or intermediate affiliate, I would absolutely recommend trying ClickBank Accelerator. Whether it’s a good fit for you ultimately depends on your traffic source and how complex your use case is – but if you’re still pretty new to affiliate marketing and want a single tool that can give you all the features you need to build your affiliate business, then Accelerator just might be the ideal choice!

While Accelerator’s UI is currently a little rough around the edges, the ClickBank team is continuing to polish up Accelerator and add quality of life features. In the meantime, you can save a lot of money compared to what you’d spend on other funnel builders like ClickFunnels, plus prominent software in categories like like ESPs, CRMs, and more – and you still get everything you need to succeed as an affiliate!

Now, if you’re a seller on ClickBank, I still recommend Accelerator as an easy way to set up your sales page, affiliate tools page, and other common pages! But whether it’s worth it to you depends on your priorities. 

Many sellers with a direct response offer will choose to custom code their sales pages in HTML to ensure the fastest possible loading speed – and while Accelerator is fairly lightweight, it’s still a landing page builder. On the other hand, if you (1) don’t have the resources to code all of your pages by hand; (2) just want to be able to get something built quickly; or (3) are interested in the robust funnel-building that Accelerator provides, then Accelerator is still a great choice to look at!

I hope this review helped you get to know more about the product and decide if it’s a good fit for you. Again, Accelerator is still a new funnel builder product, but it’s already helping ClickBank affiliates and sellers make sales and find more success. If you want to give ClickBank Accelerator a try for yourself, click the link below!