Understand the Customer Buying Journey

ClickBank has implemented cross domain supported Google Analytics so you can better understand the customer buying journey and scale your online business.

google analytics

You can now get the full, uninterrupted picture of how customers buy your products and offers! We’ve released an upgrade to our Integrated Sales Reporting specifically supporting Google Analytics.

Thanks to the addition of a new tracking pixel, when a vendor sets up cross-domain tracking, Google Analytics will collect data from multiple websites into a single account property. Basically, see all the important data collected from different sites in a single reporting view, without missing anything.

Here’s an example: Say a customer starts on the vendor website, then jumps to ClickBank’s Pitch Page, then moves to the order form, and then purchases the product. Or maybe the customer abandons the idea after hitting the website. Our recent enhancement means Google Analytics will report the entire customer journey, regardless of where it starts or ends, accessible from a single reporting view.

Also, these tools provide the insight vendors need to evaluate sales strategy. If something is working, or if there is a reason they’re not, this makes it easier to troubleshoot and improve things along the way.

Important things to note:

  • This feature is supported for Universal Analytics within Google Analytics. The classic version is unsupported.
  • You’ll have to add the domains to support for cross-domain traffic to your Google Analytics tracking within Integrated Sales Reporting. To learn how, please read the Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking section of the Integrated Sales Reporting article in the Knowledge Base. While you’re there, learn more about ClickBank’s proprietary tracking pixels and more.