5 Video Marketing Trends Every Digital Marketer Needs To Know

Video marketing is an incredibly important and potentially lucrative tool to have in your digital marketing tool belt. Summer Felix knows this and she has five trends to share with you.

Written by: Summer Felix, Guest Blogger

It’s official, video is taking over the Internet.

Heck, if you look at the trends taking place right now, it becomes pretty clear that the web is becoming practically synonymous with video. Let’s talk about a few of these happenings, as well as some predictions–and what they mean to info marketers like you.

YouTube: The 2nd largest search engine on Earth

Everyone knows that Google is the number one cyber-destination people head to when they’re looking to scratch a proverbial itch. But the fact that YouTube is the runner up should be a major wake up call to any online vendor or affiliate who isn’t consistently generating fresh video content designed to demonstrate the problem solving superpowers of their product.

YouTube SEO tip: Upload your video scripts along with your videos to boost SEO and maximize the chances of getting found by your target audience.

By 2017, 74% of all online traffic will be video watchers

When it comes to trends, it’s better to be ahead of the curve than to be a follower. 2017 may seem far off still, but in “Internet time” we’re about 2.7 seconds away from popping the cork on a bottle of post-2016 champagne. You need to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly, now, before the World Wide Web officially becomes the World Wide Video.

Data-driven predictions like this one are one of the greatest gifts that the information age has given us. Use it wisely: create more marketing videos.

More Video 

More video content is uploaded to the web in 1 single month, than TV has created in 3 decades.

This is where things start cooking for infopreneurs. Once upon a time, you had to go through high powered gatekeepers and/or invest millions of dollars for the privilege of doing a live demo of your product (think late night infomercials or home shopping channels).

Today, the power has shifted. The online marketer is king–or queen. But online attention is a funny thing; it’s all around us, everywhere we look, and yet it’s the hardest thing in the world to capture. You need to meet customers and prospects on their own turf, and right now, that turf is video.

The Turf is Video 

16 minutes & 49 seconds: The average amount of monthly time a person spends watching online video ads.

Pay special attention to the last word of that last subheader: Ads. This is interesting, because we know that TV viewers have been waging war against ads for years. It’s the bane of the old school marketer’s life. This is the TiVO generation, after all.

And yet…online viewers are still paying attention to ads.

This goes back to the fact that the Web is where people go to solve their problems. They want to watch ads for products that can help them (finally) get in shape, start a business, be a better parent, or quell any of the million other burning desires that we humans tend to be held hostage to.

Being an infopreneur is all about giving people what they want. And right now the data is clear: They want to watch your online video ads. Make it happen!

The 80/20 rule of Video Marketing

You know all that great written content you’ve invested time, energy, and/or money into making? It’s great and all, but it turns out only 20% of people are reading it. On the other hand, studies show that a whopping 80% are likely to watch your videos.

This means that you should put at least 4x the time and effort into serving up awesome video content, as you do in creating your written content. It’s no coincidence that about 80% of marketers have this ratio totally reversed…yet the 20% that get it right are the ones who reap 80% of the profits.

Which group would you rather be in?

Sources: Invodo & DigitalSherpa


Summer FelixSummer is the co-founder of The Draw Shop, LLC, a video animation company focused on sales and marketing videos. She is best known for her fiction, ghostwriting and copywriting skills. Having been at the forefront of Internet Marketing where she owned and sold several successful Internet-based businesses, Summer has consistently grown and adapted with the constant changes of marketing.