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Competitive Niches: 5 Ways to Beat the Big Guns

Brett Chesney | December 22, 2009
Written by: Simon Slade, Guest Blogger | One of the best things about internet marketing is that you can start and stay small and still make it. Find out more about competitive niches below. Something that I love about the internet is the way it has removed a lot of the barriers to getting started…
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How to Succeed at Article Marketing

Brett Chesney | April 23, 2009
Dave Gale, a successful internet marketer, gave us some insight about what it takes to do article marketing. Article Marketing: What's the scoop? For years, article marketing has been an…
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ClickBank Accepts Clients from More Countries

Brett Chesney | March 23, 2009
We are very pleased to announce that as of now, ClickBank accepts clients from more countries. We now support vendors and affiliates from 29 new countries around the world! ClickBank…
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Salesletter Copy: 7 Tips To Do It Right

Brett Chesney | January 29, 2009
Salesletter copy is different than other content. It takes a certain finesse to get it right. Read on for 7 ways you can improve your salesletter copy and stand our…
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Learn from the Past, Plan for the Future

Brett Chesney | December 24, 2008
Posted by: Bob Dunlap, Director of Marketing Nobody said it was going to be easy.  Successful affiliate marketing takes discipline, savvy, and hard work.  Even experienced Internet marketers go through…
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Improve Your Writing

Brett Chesney | December 18, 2008
Do you want to improve your writing so you can communicate better and gain more credibility in your sales copy? Read on for some tips on how to improve your writing. Whether you're a ClickBank vendor or affiliate, a key component to your success is…
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