How to Attract More Affiliates

Every ClickBank seller knows that a critical part of scaling their online enterprise is curating their affiliate program. Building an awesome affiliate program involves commission incentives, easy-to-use brand tools, and new product launches–among many other elements. However, the first step to curating an affiliate program is, well, learning how to attract more affiliates.  

While that may seem obvious to some, learning to attract affiliates presents a substantial hurdle to sellers who are just starting out. Even if you have a few loyal promoters, the power to grow lies in growth. So what’s one way a ClickBank seller can quickly attract more affiliates? By utilizing and optimizing their affiliate tools page.

Before we dive into explaining how to optimize an affiliate tools page, let’s go over what an affiliates tools page is. 

What is the affiliate tools page?

The best way that ClickBank sellers can get connected with affiliates is through the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace. The ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace is a meeting ground for affiliates seeking products to promote and ClickBank sellers showing off their offers and creations. When a seller joins ClickBank, they can build out their listing which includes conversion stats, average dollar amount per sale, and a link to their affiliate page. 

The affiliate page is a tool that sellers are responsible for building. That may sound like more work, but the time you spend providing your affiliates with the tools they need to promote will pay dividends in the long run.

What should I include on my affiliates tools page?

Here’s a list of things all sellers should provide on their affiliates tools page to attract more affiliates: 

Visual Materials

Banner ads are the backbone (and forefathers) of affiliates marketing. The first ad was put in a banner ad in 1994 and, well, now you can buy sweaters for your goats on the internet. Banner ads still carry all the weight they did over two decades ago and providing potential affiliates with well designed, good looking banner ads is a must if you want to grow your affiliate program. 

Also include any marketing videos, buttons, and ad images in various sizes. This will make their life as an affiliate easier and help them get started promoting your product as soon as possible. Pro-Tip: If you do offer buttons, offer them in HTML code. This makes cutting and pasting super simple–especially for affiliates who might be new to the internet. 

Email Swipes 

“Email Swipes” is an industry term for the marketing words that go in an email that’s sole purpose is promotion. Offering this copy upfront to your affiliates does two things. One, it gets them promoting your product faster. And two, it makes sure they don’t send out an error-ridden email that scares off your potential customers with spelling mistakes and grammar mishaps. You can specialize email swipes for various types of emails. Offer one for promotional emails, thank you emails, and upcoming offers emails. 

Text Ads

Another element to include on your affiliates page is copy for text ads. Like email swipes, having sales copy prewritten for your affiliates keeps your brand language consistent and ensures against typos and sloppy writing. 


Providing a list of keywords not only helps affiliates create content with SEO in mind, it is also helpful for affiliates who are promoting using Google Ads.


Writing out an FAQ for your product helps affiliates answer questions correctly and accurately. Affiliates can also use the FAQ copy in their promotional materials as well. 

Niche-Specific Tips

If your product is in a particular niche that has specific tips and industry information, let potential affiliates know about these. This kind of information can help them develop the best promotional plans and help convert potential buyers. 

Article Examples

Providing potential affiliates with content that has been promotionally successful can be helpful in giving them direction.   


Testimonials that you’ve received from happy customers are good to include with your promotional materials—as long as you have the permission of the customer to share them with third party entities. Pair these testimonials with shareable photos to help your affiliate even more. 

Earnings Disclaimer 

It’s always a good idea to include an earnings disclaimer on your affiliate tools page. An earnings disclaimer states that any estimate of how much an affiliate can make promoting a product is just an estimate, not a guarantee.

Anti-Spam Policy

Another good thing to include is an anti-spam policy. This policy states that you, as a seller, will not tolerate affiliates who promote your product through illegal or unethical techniques, and warning them that ClickBank may terminate their affiliate account, and that they will not be allowed to promote your product if they do so. These types of disclaimers set important expectations for your affiliates, so they know what behaviors are acceptable before they start promoting your product.

A Good Affiliate Program Supports Affiliates

Of course, you don’t have to have all of these elements right off the bat. But keep them in mind as you plan for scaling and growing your affiliate program. A good affiliate program supports its affiliates, incentives them to grow as you grow, and ensures that they have the materials they need to promote your product. If you’re wondering how to attract more affiliates, start with making their path to success easier.

Want another, easier way to attract more affiliates? Check out ClickBank’s advertising program.