Increase Conversion Rate With These 4 Tips

“Increase conversion rate” makes it to the top of all internet marketers’ goal lists. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Here are four tips to help you get that conversion rate up.

Affiliate marketers know well enough that standard (and often good) conversion rates are 1–4 percent. That’s low but everyone’s in the same boat.

Sure, you can do different things to drive traffic to your pages but once people get there – now that’s where the opportunities abound. Here are four tips to boost your conversion.

“Merchandise” of Offer

I know, it seems simple but it’s effective. Think about it: You’re in the Gap and see jeans you don’t like, the same pair you saw a week ago. But with a little merchandising from the store clerks you see a different pair you like, so you buy it. Likewise, people may be seeing the same offers presented in the same way on your pages. Try promoting the offer in a different way, edit the copy, do a giveaway or a free subscription – something so potential customers can say, “Hey, I haven’t seen this before.”

Unclog the Sales Funnel

Here it’s about removing any barriers that prevent a sale. Do a quick assessment of your pages and ask yourself a few questions: 1) Are you asking people to read too much or enter too much information? 2) Are there too many pop-ups on my pages? 3) Can I remove pages to increase the likelihood that people will make a beeline to the payment page?

Page Makeover

Page design helps a lot. It takes only a few seconds for people to decide whether they want to browse your offers and continue reading. That means it’s your responsibility to make it an easy shopping experience. Remove the visual and mental clutter – too much text, too many clashing colors, lengthy headlines. Experiment with clean page designs. VSLs are great for capturing attention.

Clear Call to Action

People often need and like to be told what to do, though be careful about asking for more than one thing. Take a look at your pages and take an inventory of the CTAs. How many things are you asking people to do? KISS: one per page.

With about 96% of visitors to your pages leaving without buying anything, giving their contact information or clicking on your ads, the key takeaway is this: be clean, brief and clear.

With these four tactics, you should be on your way to marking off “increase conversion rate” from your list.