5 Uses for Your Email Newsletter

One of the best developments of the digital age is the ability to use smart online marketing to connect with consumers. Whether through an email newsletter, Facebook, or Twitter, today’s consumers are more connected to the products they need than ever before.

To take full advantage of online marketing tools, companies must ensure their deployments are efficient and effective. Here are five ways you can make good use of your email newsletter:

1.    New Product Promotion

Getting the word out about products your company will soon be offering is one of the most exciting uses of an email newsletter. Building support before an item even hits the shelves is a good way to make sure a product launch is successful. Doing it right takes some effort, though. Beyond just making the announcement, your newsletter should seek to engage people. Be sure to include:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Unbiased third-party reviews
  • Actionable next steps (for example, “sign up to receive updates about when this product is available”)

2.    Industry News

Keeping your customer base in the know about what’s going on in your industry can be another great use of the email newsletter. Of course, being able to tie the latest developments to something your company is offering is an added bonus. Having a newsletter that not only promotes the business but also informs customers about the state of your sector as a whole is a great way to establish authority in your industry and make sure your emails are being read by the people to whom you send them.

3.    Coupons/Sales

Wondering how to lower your newsletter’s unsubscribe rate? Keeping the members of your email list informed about special deals and coupons might do the trick.  Better yet, encourage your customers to share the offers with others and engage in word-of-mouth marketing that could ultimately boost your sales. This helps grow your contact base naturally and get more people interested in what you do. Launching giveaways or contests will also ensure that your email newsletter gets talked about.

4.    Company Brand/Spotlight

Amid sharing industry news, promoting sales and announcing new products, dedicate a portion of your newsletter to your company and what you do best. When your readers feel like you are keeping them in the loop, they are going to become more invested and  more likely to help you tell your story.  Additionally, shining a spotlight on the business itself helps position your brand as a voice of authority in the field. That is always a benefit when speaking to customers old and new.

That being said, don’t be afraid to turn that spotlight onto your customers when you feel it’s right. If you can find a way to do so, this will only increase how connected they feel to your company and your brand.

5.    Articles

Have you ever considered writing and distributing informative articles via your online newsletter? This can be a great way to establish that leader-in-the-field position, but it’s a tactic that needs to be used judiciously. Linking back to articles you have posted on your website can be a great way to drive traffic and let the consumer discover your web content along the way.

Once you have a good handle on what engages your newsletter crowd, you can tailor new, regularly updated content to help drive visitors to your site.