ClickBank CPA is Now Available!

You may have heard that CPA is coming to ClickBank. Today, after significant development and a booming pilot, we’re happy to report that the best CPA network has arrived.

ClickBank CPA is available now for all qualifying vendors who want to offer CPA commissions to interested affiliates! 

According to Ashley Langevin, senior product manager, CPA on ClickBank (or CPA on CB) is unlike any feature on the market today:

“CPA is a really common commission model in the world of affiliate marketing. And there’s a typical, traditional way that CPA marketing has been handled by other affiliate networks. But I’m very excited to say that we’ve broken that mold by leveraging ClickBank’s unique model to create a CPA experience like you’ve never seen before,” she said.

“We’re paying CPA commissions at the time of sale, directly from the proceeds of the transaction, to ensure seamless attribution and accounting. We don’t require vendors to pay a deposit, and affiliates immediately earn their commissions – which they keep regardless of any customer refunds. On top of that, we have some exclusive and industry-leading tools, like our data-driven commission calculator, that I can’t wait for people to try!” 

With so much time and dedication invested to make ClickBank’s CPA model stand out from anything else on the market, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of the landmark features in this post. 

Does ClickBank CPA Require a Deposit?

As a successful vendor, there’s nothing worse than knowing your offer is top of the line but not wanting to pay a huge chunk of cash to a CPA network where all the super affiliates hang out. You know your product is ready for the big leagues, but the pay to play barrier is harshing your potential. What to do?     

With absolutely no deposit required ever, ClickBank is the answer. We make it easy for vendors to attract affiliates who can help them scale to new heights. The commission is paid directly out of the transaction and, with the help of the ClickBank Commission Calculator (more on that very soon), there’s no risk of overpaying or going negative. 

We Take Care of the Math

There’s an easier way than back-of-the-napkin equations to figure out the amount of commission you can afford to pay someone on ClickBank. Meet the ClickBank Commission Calculator! 

Powered by historical sales data, this feature allows vendors to determine the ideal amount to pay their affiliates. Our team does the math for you and takes into account just about every bit of information – from vendor sales data to specific affiliate sales data – to provide insight that you can only find on ClickBank.   

ClickBank CPA commission calculator
CPA on ClickBank: We do the math for you.

CPA Reporting Like Never Before 

ClickBank has always been a unique solution in the affiliate marketing industry because we take care of both vendors and affiliates, so it makes sense that we have a lot of meaningful (and powerful) data. With this data, we’ve created and compiled the most robust CPA reporting on the market – now with CPA (PPO) by affiliate!

No Deposit. No Math. No Stress. 

Seriously… no joke! It’s that simple and straightforward. ClickBank CPA both eliminates the need for a deposit and complicated equations and provides our clients with reporting to help them track affiliate performance and empower their business decisions.

We’re confident that CPA can be your “no stress” solution to scaling your CPA offer with ClickBank. 

We Had to Go and Do it Differently 

ClickBank has never done it like the others – which is probably why we’re one of the longest-standing affiliate networks around! For over two decades, we’ve been doing things differently and pushing the limits on what everyone thought was possible for an affiliate network. We’ve paid out over $4 billion in commissions and have never missed a payment in over 20 years. 

Our approach to designing CPA wasn’t any different. We wanted to make the best possible feature and, so far, our top vendors agree. According to Kelley and Jon Herring, the pioneers behind Gluten-Free Desserts and other ClickBank top sellers, CPA on CB is straightforward and intuitively functional: 

“A lot of times when you see the finished product and it’s so slick and user friendly like this it sort of hides all of the work that went into it,” said Kelley Herring after experiencing the feature. “It’s really obvious that a lot of thinking went into this. You guys thought of everything. It’s a really elegant solution.”  

If You Want It, We Got It 

A key factor in creating CPA on ClickBank was making a tool that was designed for our vendors. Ashley Langevin puts it like this:

“When we decided to create CPA on ClickBank, we didn’t want to just replicate the way everyone else does CPA, we wanted to create what CPA should be. And I think our team has accomplished that.” 

It goes without saying that we’re excited to launch ClickBank CPA as an ideal commission solution for vendors who want to attract top affiliates. For our top clients, both vendors and affiliates alike, we believe CPA is becoming a must in the market.

Getting ClickBank CPA is Easy!

Since ClickBank CPA is different, it makes sense that the way ClickBank designed vendors to offer CPA would also be different. ClickBank doesn’t make vendors choose between paying revshare or CPA commission on an offer. They can set both! It all just depends on the commission setting for a particular affiliate.

And here’s the best part: there’s no need for the affiliate to change links. The only thing that changes is the vendor setting a CPA commission for an affiliate. That’s it.

For ClickBank affiliates, there’s no need to hunt the ClickBank Marketplace for specific “CPA offers”. If there’s an offer you want to promote for CPA commission, all you have to do is ask.It’s that simple. Just contact the vendor and ask for CPA commission. ClickBank makes it easy for vendors to provide their contact details in the ClickBank Marketplace so requesting CPA is just an email away.

It is important to note that, because we don’t require a deposit and provide data-powered tools, CPA on ClickBank does require a certain amount of sales history. In addition, vendors can offer CPA on an individual affiliate basis (for maximum optimization), so affiliates will want to reach out to their vendors (or listed marketplace contacts) to take advantage. 

Learn more about ClickBank’s innovative new CPA feature on the official ClickBank CPA page.

And don’t forget: Our Knowledge Base contains everything you need to know to get started! Here are some additional resources to help you get rolling with ClickBank CPA today: