Everything you love about ClickBank. Now with CPA.

For over two decades, ClickBank has led the way in commission payouts through revenue sharing and percentage-based payouts. Now, ClickBank is bolstering its affiliate marketplace by launching the world’s best CPA network, giving every qualifying seller the chance to pay their affiliates the CPA commission they’re worth.

You heard right. Every seller with sufficient sales history can set a CPA commission for any affiliate, for any offer without the hassle of changing links.

There’s no deposit, no math, and no stress. Whether you’re an affiliate who’s ready to get paid on your terms, or you’re a seller who wants to attract the all-star super affiliates you need to scale your offer, CPA on ClickBank is the best and most comprehensive commission system on the market!

No Scrubbed Commissions Ever

With ClickBank tracking and CPA, you can rest easy knowing that every sale is tracked and reported in real-time directly in your accounts. No lost sales, missed payments, or scrubbed commissions. Ever.

Less Risk, Better Planning

On our top CPA network, the affiliate keeps their commission no matter what. Relax knowing that you’re safeguarded from customer return costs and commission clawbacks.

Easy To Calculate ROI

There are no percentages, complicated upsell splits, or unexpected return costs. CPA on ClickBank empowers affiliates with an easy to calculate ROI so they can do what they do best: scale offers and make sales.


How To Earn CPA on ClickBank

CPA on ClickBank is different from other CPA networks. CPA on ClickBank is CPA reimagined. Every qualifying seller can set CPA commission for any affiliate for any offer. All you have to do is ask. 

That’s right. All you have to do is ask the seller for a CPA commission. CPA offers aren’t separate from RevShare offers, so there’s no inconvenient link changing or offer hunting. 

All you have to do is ask for it.

If you’re already a ClickBank affiliate, you can ask your sellers to set a CPA commission for you. If you’re a new affiliate, just sign up for a ClickBank account (it’s free!) and browse the ClickBank marketplace for affiliate programs and offers you want to promote. Then, ask the seller for a CPA commission!

Discover the top CPA NEtwork for affiliates

The Best CPA Offers on ClickBank

ClickBank has a wide selection of top products with CPA commissions right now. Here are just a few of ClickBank’s best CPA offers, ready and waiting for affiliates to promote them!

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Starting CPA: $170 and up
This one-of-a-kind stress relief and weight-loss support supplement now offers CPA! Check out their sky-high conversion rates and start crushing sales today.


Starting CPA: $120 and up
The premier weight loss tonic now offers CPA! Storming conversion rates across the board. Promote to vacuum up the sales!


Starting CPA: $120 and up
BioFit, the unique fat-burning and metabolism-boosting supplement, now offers CPA! Learn more about the many benefits and earning potential of this popular offer.

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Starting CPA: $42 and up
From the winning team that brought you ‘Manifestation Magic’ and ‘Ultra Manifestation’, this powerful self-development offer is new and CPA friendly, ready for promotion today.


Starting CPA: $80 and up
Introducing Active-HSL! This white-hot fat-burning supplement is now on CPA. Ready to sign up? Contact the affiliate team directly at affiliates@lexapure.com today!


Starting CPA: $115 and up
One of the world’s first products, designed to target blood sugar and control weight using the power of scientifically researched and natural ingredients from around the world! Get set up on CPA by contacting jv@altaiscience.com today.

Nun Snacks

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Starting CPA: $20 and up
You can support Nunbelievable’s mission to end hunger one cookie at a time. Check out the affiliate resources page and promote for a good cause while earning on CPA.

Sonus Diabetes Secret


Starting CPA: $52 and up
Popular high-converting offer that helps customers manage their blood sugar levels using natural remedies. Send some test traffic and watch the sales roll in!

The Obsession Method


Starting CPA: $85 and up
Obsession Method – The top converting men’s dating offer on ClickBank is now even more profitable with CPA! Top notch sales lander and VSL!


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Starting CPA: $60 and up
ConversioBot is a mass market A.I. software tool that helps any website owner generate more leads and sales. Get started with CPA today by contacting affiliates@conversiobot.com.



Starting CPA: $300 and up
Tradeology, a world leader in trader education for over a decade, with 3- Time Forex World Trading Champion Toshko Raychev, offer a unique high-quality trader membership that gives traders an unparalleled edge. Now on CPA!

Body Language


Starting CPA: $85 and up
The Tao of Badass – The OG men’s dating offer on ClickBank is updated for 2021 and is now available with CPA! Contact us directly on skype at affiliate.lifestyle or mail affiliates@badassjv.com.


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Starting CPA: $85 and up
Unique dental drops offer, powerful formula, which consists of amazing vitamins and plants. New angle and custom drops mechanism opens up the market. This offer could make your best month ever! Contact the affiliate manager here affs@dentitox.com and ask for CPA!



Starting CPA: $85 and up
New gut winner, a strong formula which consists of amazing ingredients. This is the next hit, a powerful pitch that isn’t saturated with multiple intros available. Contact the affiliate manager here affs@synogut.com and ask for CPA!



Starting CPA: $85 and up
Exclusive opportunity with several different intros available! New winner in the skin rejuvenation niche, a powerful formula, which consists of amazing plant extracts. Don’t miss out! Contact the affiliate manager here affiliates@hydrossential-product.com
and ask for CPA!



Starting CPA: $40 and up
Custom Keto Diet is the proven ClickBank converter. The fast and easy solution for creating a truly custom keto diet in seconds. Our offer is a delight for customers because it provides huge value. Tested conversions you can take to the bank. Contact jv@customketodiet.com
and ask for CPA!



Starting CPA: $90 and up
#1 Lottery Offer on ClickBank for 5 Years Running! Make HUGE $90+ CPAs with no refunds by promoting Lottery Maximizer on native, email, Facebook, and more! Contact lottoaffiliates2k@gmail.com to get CPA turned on today.

Every day, more and more ClickBank sellers are receiving requests from top-earning affiliates asking for CPA marketing commissions. Are you ready to reach out and finally get the commission you deserve? Contact your sellers now and ask what kind of CPA payout they can offer you! Don’t have an account to promote these offers? Sign up for a ClickBank account today!

ClickBank CPA vs Others

discover the top cpa network for SELLERS

Have a Product to Sell? Interested in CPA?

Entrepreneurs and brands need scale and distribution. Here’s why ClickBank is a CPA network you can trust for both!

No Stress

CPA on ClickBank is simple yet elegant. Each rate is set per affiliate and sellers can offer CPA and RevShare at the same time – no need to choose between commission types!

No Math

On ClickBank, sellers get a powerful CPA Commission Calculator that uses historic account data to determine the optimal commission amount to offer – from your account and each affiliate’s account! Get better results without endless number crunching.

No Deposit

Unlike other CPA affiliate networks, CPA on ClickBank does NOT require a deposit. The affiliate is paid directly out of each sale, so there’s less friction to get started with CPA!

Already a ClickBank Seller? Learn how to set CPA commissions now!