ClickBank in 2021: What’s Working (So Far)

If you’re on ClickBank in 2021, stay on top of the trends, plan for growth, and buckle up. 

It’s only about mid-way through January of 2021 and it’s fair to say that things aren’t quite going as well as everyone had hoped. This year was supposed to be the year that was better than 2020, not worse!

Okay, okay–maybe it was a tad bit unrealistic to expect everything to change after the clocks struck midnight on 2020 and yah, maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem.

In fact, for ecommerce newbies and online retailer pros everywhere, things are going pretty dang good. Amazon, the goliath of the industry, cleared over $345 billion in revenue for the twelve months prior to the close of the third quarter in 2020–a 31.07% increase in revenue over the past year. 

There are a lot of factors that are supporting the growth of internet business right now and ClickBank definitely stands to gain from more than a few of them. If you’re wondering what’s slated to work on ClickBank in the coming year, read on for some insight. To watch Thomas dive in and hash it out via video, head over to YouTube!   

ClickBank in 2021: Tactics, Tools, and Tips to Navigate the New Year 

1. Anticipate much of the same buying behaviour we saw in 2020. 

According to senior business development manager, Thomas McMahon, even if brick-and-mortar stores opened up in full force this year, online buying behavior is likely to stick. 

“There’s a huge amount of growth that’s happened in ecommerce and online business in general this year because people who weren’t already have been forced to almost be solely buying online… What we’re projecting is that there’s not going to be a big dive back down if vaccines are out and things are opening back up. Buyer behavior sticks. It’s not something you just forget.”

As the saying goes, it’s best to not count chickens before they hatch. That is to say, we’re only speculating, but it seems like a good idea to plan on investing in a business infrastructure that is going to help you grow and scale online.

2. Plan for new audiences.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, not only are people buying more online, more people are buying online. This means that trends are able to gain traction and take off much faster than with previous levels of traffic. Utilize this upsurge and tap into high-performing lists that you haven’t mailed to in a while. For offer owners, this is a good time to reach out to top tier affiliates and network about audiences, traffic, and potential for more promotions. While things have definitely closed down IRL, the internet is now just opening up and showing its true potential for traffic. Don’t miss this opportune moment to get in and take advantage of the uptick in buyers. 

3. The survival niche will remain hot.

Since the US drives so much of the online retail traffic, the election cycle always influences a few specific buying trends and patterns. With the current culture shift and political tensions, it may behoove offer owners and affiliates to capitalize on products in the survival industry. 

When there is a republican president in office, this industry stills and cools off a bit. However, when a democratic president is elected, there’s an influx of media and rhetoric that plays to a more conservative crowd. These people tend to be more inclined towards prepper and survival offers.

And since everything in the political scape is pure chaos now, we’re going to predict that this niche will stay lucrative. If you have an old survival offer, go ahead and dust that off. Refresh your email swipes and start networking with affiliates because there’s a good chance it will be successful. 

4. Facebook ads will continue to be expensive and hard to work with.

The cost of Facebook ads always jumps around election time and in tandem with political turmoil. While they’ve come down a little bit, they’re still priced at premium because that’s where all the traffic is. Knowing that, it’s a good idea to branch out to some less popular platforms. Thomas McMahon suggests trying out Youtube either again or for the first time: 

“I see a lot of media buyers moving back to YouTube… Not that YouTube has gone away or is new by any means. It’s one of the most established traffic sources you can ever think of on the net, but people have been so focused on Facebook and Google for so long and now they’re realizing that Facebook is really clamping down. It’s been hard to work with.”

5. Consider novel traffic sources like TikTok.

New social media platforms and experience seem to have the life expectancy of a housefly considering the stronghold Facebook and Twitter have on the industry. But a surprise contender came along in 2021 and literally shook things up. TikTok seemingly became a household name overnight and with that opened up a whole new frontier of advertising opportunities. 

With that in mind, keep your eyes peeled for new traffic sources that may emerge in a landscape that can support a whole new ecosystem of online users. With newer platforms, you can always count on cheaper clicks and less competition from the established ad buyers.

This is our best guess at what 2021 has in store. It’s only been two weeks in, but it’s looking like this year might be a wildcard as well. Buckle up for some ups, downs, and loop-the-loops. Hopefully, though, it’ll be lucrative smooth sailing for everyone. 

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