How to Make Money on YouTube

“How do I make money on YouTube?” This is one of the most common questions I get asked. Let me tell you what I know about making money on YouTube and hopefully you can turn your dream into a reality.

Regardless of your age, gender, religion, nationality, or profession, there’s something alluring about the quest to make money with the world’s most popular video platform. Many people don’t know that YouTube isn’t just a video platform–it’s a whole encyclopedia of knowledge. You can find something about everything you’ve ever wanted to learn on YouTube.

After Google, YouTube is the second most important search platform in the world. How can you leverage that power to make money and scale your online business?

The Main Way to Make Money on YouTube

I’m sure what I’m about to tell you won’t come as a surprise. You probably already know that the main way to make money on YouTube is through advertising. But let’s delve deeper…

When you create your YouTube content, Google Adsense will share an agreed percentage of the ads that are published in your videos. This is the main way to monetize your content efforts on YouTube. However, it’s not always so simple. There are new requirements to receiving advertising profits. You must have at least 4,000 hours of video on YouTube and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. If this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry–there are ways you can achieve this.

How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

It’s not easy, but I promise it is possible. The first thing you need to know is that it won’t happen overnight and there’s no special guru or some Machiavellian program that is going to help you achieve this goal. It’s all up to you and how long you can focus on this goal.

The secret formula is…

Are you ready?

Interesting content.

You have to make sure your content is interesting, useful, and that it adds value to your viewers, the community, and ultimately as many people as you can reach. Just to be clear though, just because you’re making content about something serious or trying to be informative doesn’t mean that your videos have to be complicated or high production. Oftentimes the most viewed videos are low quality and filmed on an iPhone. The most important element of a video is your enthusiasm. You want to convey your excitement about the information to your audience. You have to make it interesting.

Create Your Videos With Excitement

When you start making YouTube content, you have to focus on your personal passion for the topic. It can’t be about making money right off the bat or you’ll never succeed. Believe me, the community “smells” videos without sincerity and can tell when a content producer is making videos just for the payout, not to contribute anything.

Don’t worry about the right tags or the views initially. Create your videos out of the excitement you feel… even if you’re just creating videos about your pet, your profession, your family, or your hobbies. If you want to share some information that you feel is important, it has to actually be important to you.

What is the right length for a YouTube video?

Another way to make your videos highly engaging is to consider their length. At first, YouTube placed more importance on short videos and slowly rewarded content producers with the possibility of uploading longer videos. Nowadays, videos can be as long as you think is best. Most viewers prefer videos between 10-15 minutes long, but only if it’s about something important to them.

While this may be a good rule of thumb, there are good videos of all lengths. Some videos created to help people sleep are several hours long. Some are just a few minutes. Like I said, it’s about the quality of enthusiasm of the content first and foremost.

Keep on Creating Videos

The best thing you can do is to keep on creating videos. Just grab your phone and start recording. The more content you make, the more views you can eventually get. Consistent content is critical when it comes to YouTube success. Try to upload at the same time, if possible. This will build habits and anticipation with your core viewers.

But, seriously, how long does it take me to have the 4,000 hours viewed and the 1,000 subscribers?

There’s no exact formula. But I can tell you that if you stick to consistency, the most common time frame is 8-14 months. It comes down to these things: passion, a phone with a camera, and a YouTube channel. Just keep producing and I promise you will start to see momentum.

Agustin Juarez is a content creator and brand expert. With over thirty years of experience, Agustin takes pride in helping his clients turn their content dreams into a reality.

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