5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast Right Now

This week, in honor of ClickBank’s new podcast Affiliated, we’re encouraging you to start a podcast in 2021. We did it and we think you should too!

Podcasting is one of the newest and most engaging ways to create content. It may seem like everybody and their dog has a podcast, but according to Pat Flynn, creator of Smart Passive Income and famed internet marketing guru, there’s still time for you to get in on it. 

ClickBank’s decision to start a podcast wasn’t made overnight, so we can understand if you feel conflicted. If you’re still on the fence about jumping in, here are five reasons we considered when we finally decided to mic up and record.  

1. Starting a podcast is easier than ever. 

Back in 2018, the same Pat Flynn speculated that podcasting was quickly becoming the new “blogging.” And now, only two years later almost anyone can make a podcast. Affordable recording equipment and product software has lowered the barrier of entry making podcasting one of the most accessible marketing tools.

With just a little bit of equipment you can start creating and publishing podcast material. So why not try it out? With the time and monetary costs lower, the stakes are also lower. In 2021, starting a podcast will likely not break your budget and may end up being the perfect content form for your brand. 

2. Podcasts support passive learning.

Industry–especially the internet marketing industry–evolves and changes rapidly. For those who want to be on the cutting edge, daily learning is critical. Podcasts are the perfect vehicles to add insightful value to your followers.

The medium is inherently convenient for the consumer because it is easy to digest and doesn’t obligate them to a large singular time commitment. Podcasts can be listened to while the listener is engaging in other things. Very few forms of media provide that kind of duality. 

Of course you want your listeners to retain at least some of what you say on the podcast so just because you can assume they are multi-tasking doesn’t mean you should assume they won’t want to be mildly entertained. That’s all to say that it’s important to keep your content entertaining and compelling as well as informative. 

3. Podcasting opens up a new frontier of brand development. 

Podcasting is a great way to expand your brand by partnering with guest speakers and sponsorships. Guest blogs and collabs can only take a brand so far. Podcasting allows your followers and subscribers to experience the real live interaction of your company. Podcasting is an excellent foray into an influencer program and gives a brand the ability to personality and define their experience like never before.

The Joe Rogan Experience is a great example of this unique aspect of podcasts. Consistently ranked as the most popular podcast, Joe Rogan has been able to expand his brand to include a wide swath of characters including Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

As you begin to build out your content plan for your podcast, consider what kind of guests will represent your brand the best and communicate your brand value and positioning effectively to your listeners.  

4. Podcasting positions you as an authority in your industry. 

Taking your industry insights to a podcast innately infers that your brand has something important to say. With a podcast, you can speak about your industry and your business in a way that is conversational, yet compelling.

This is especially true if you’re one of the first in your industry to bring information to the public in a podcast format. Whatever the niche, there are potential listeners who will seek out topic-specific podcasts. If you’re not the first in your industry, then the challenge is to create content that is different from what is currently available. The main limitation on podcast consumption is time, so it’s not necessary that your content be better per se–only different in its value add. 

5. Podcasting is fun. 

Last but not least, you should start a podcast because podcasting is fun. We’re 100% certain that Kyle Kostechka and Thomas McMahon, hosts of Affiliated, are having a marginally decent time while they’re in the studio talking affiliate marketing. (At least we know we enjoy it.)

Podcasting is a great way to meet new partners, collaborate with a new media, and talk about the things you feel most strongly about in your industry. We’re all hoping that 2021 is an improvement on the previous year, so why not kick it off with a fun new project and start your podcast right now.

Bonus: Making a podcast can be done following social distance guidelines!

For more information on how to record your podcast from multiple locations, check out this blog post

How do I know if my podcast is successful? 

If you’re basing the success of your podcast on subscribers, we suggest adjusting your metric. Like every content medium, you may go months without your subscriber base growing. At first it might feel like nobody is listening to your podcast. Even by the 50th episode, you may not have the listeners you thought you would. However, if we’ve learned anything from internet marketing over the past two decades it’s that you have to just keep uploading… and appreciate the quality time with like-minded folks, and the new skills you learned along the way. Listen to your subscriber’s feedback and make adjustments as you see fit. One podcast can be the difference between 50 subscribers and 1,000! 

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