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How are some affiliates able to make $1000’s per day in their sleep, while so many beginners can barely make a single sale all week? This is how I learned to make money on ClickBank. I started affiliate marketing with ClickBank back in 2005. The first 4.5 months were miserable. Late nights. Early mornings. Entire…
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How to Use the ClickBank Referral Program

Sarah Rosin | September 16, 2020
The ClickBank Referral Program is back and better than ever. Asking someone to refer you or your services can be uncomfortable. There’s a tactful time and place to make suggestions. Similarly, figuring out the perfect moment to tell someone they ought to join ClickBank so that their product can be promoted by thousands of affiliates…
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The Rundown Report is Here

Sarah Rosin | September 10, 2020
The Rundown Report is a comprehensive analysis of 3.5 million data points. Since the onset of COVID-19, people have increasingly turned to the internet for connection and commerce. According to Statista, a leading online analytics company, as of June 14, 2020, online transactions increased 32.9 percent compared to the reference period in January and February…
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How to Attract More Affiliates

Sarah Rosin | August 31, 2020
Every ClickBank seller knows that a critical part of scaling their online enterprise is curating their affiliate program. Building an awesome affiliate program involves commission incentives, easy-to-use brand tools, and new product launches--among many other elements. However, the first step to curating an affiliate program is, well, learning how to attract more affiliates.   While that…
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How to Add a Physical Product to ClickBank

Sarah Rosin | August 27, 2020
For over twenty years, ClickBank has been an online retailer of both physical and digital products. We support both product types in a vast array of niches and have paid out over $4 billion in commissions to affiliates. For sellers who only sell digital products, the onboarding process is a relatively straightforward process. Attempting to…
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By now, the lucrative world of affiliate marketing has reached the mainstream. More people are choosing to supplement their income by promoting products on the internet. While there are several methods and best practices regarding affiliate marketing, many people initially want to know how they can promote ClickBank products without a website. The main goal…
Read More In this article, I’m going to show you 3 easy ways to find affiliate products on ClickBank and earn your first $1,000 without paying for advertising or building websites. Believe it or not, it can be done.    In fact, what I’m about to share with you is exactly how I got started many years…
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How to Hire a Copywriter

Sarah Rosin | August 6, 2020
If you've been sitting with your head in your hands, staring at a swirl of words, wondering how to hire a copywriter--this blog post is for you. Learning to read and write is critical for the function of society. In fact, at about five years of age, the vast majority of us head off to…
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Five Surefire Things You Need For a Great VSL

Kyle Kostechka | July 30, 2020
What hundreds of hours watching winning VSLs have taught me about making a great one. In giddy anticipation, I stand in front of the microwave, listening to the accelerating kernel pops as I wait for my buttery treat.  I’ve found the perfect bowl--the one that is rarely designated solely for popcorn, but is the perfect…
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Five Ways to Improve as an Entrepreneur

Sarah Rosin | July 24, 2020
Do you want to stay sharp? It takes work. Here are five ways to improve as an entrepreneur. Deciding to go at it by yourself and put your idea out there for the world is generally one of the most difficult decisions anyone makes. It takes true grit and gumption to walk the path of…
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For affiliate marketers everywhere, conducting effective market research (also known as “MR”) can be one of the hardest parts to gaining traction and momentum in their quest to make money online. Even with all the research, blogs, e-books, and mentors in the world, figuring out what to sell and how to sell it can be…
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