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Free Traffic: How to Get It and Use It

Sarah Rosin | November 17, 2020
Free traffic. Everybody wants it. Read on for how to get it, use it, and why "free traffic" is actually a bit of a misnomer. Want to skip the reading? Head over to YouTube for a video about free traffic from Thomas McMahon, Senior Business Development Manager at ClickBank. If you’re new to affiliate marketing,…
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The ClickBank Guide to Reduce Refunds

Brett Chesney | October 30, 2020
If you want to grow your bottom line and reduce ClickBank refunds, try implementing these nine tips into your strategy. Reducing Refunds is an Art It's sounds so simple: Provide…
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ClickBank Success: My Journey in 7 Steps

Steve West | October 26, 2020
ClickBank success doesn't happen overnight. For me, it took determination, patience, and these seven steps. I first got into affiliate marketing in 2013. I must admit, I was totally lost…
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Advertise on ClickBank

Sarah Rosin | October 16, 2020
Read on to find out how to advertise on ClickBank and harness the power of organically targeted display ads to attract more affiliates.  ClickBank has revamped its advertising program. Now, getting your ad in front of potential affiliates easier than ever. Advertising on ClickBank is…
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How to Make Money on YouTube

Agustin Juarez | October 13, 2020
"How do I make money on YouTube?" This is one of the most common questions I get asked. Let me tell you what I know about making money on YouTube and hopefully you can turn your dream into a reality. Regardless of your age, gender,…
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How to Find People to Promote Your Product

Sarah Rosin | October 6, 2020
You’ve done the hard part. You’ve put together your offer, tested it, and fine-tuned your VSL. Now it’s time to find people to promote your product. Building the best affiliate…
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