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Talk the Talk Like an Affiliate Marketing Pro

If you’re new to the affiliate marketing world, you may have noticed a lot of industry-specific terminology being thrown around that can make it hard to grasp the inner workings of affiliate programs. In reality, though, most affiliate marketing programs are actually ….

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Do You Have the Personality It Takes to Sell Online?

If you’ve been contemplating leaving a nine-to-five job in favor of working at home and running your own business selling online, you’re to be commended. This approach offers a variety of advantages. Not only do you have the ability to make your own business decisions, ….

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Survey Shows How Affiliates Work  

Finding information on affiliates is tough. But thanks to Affiliate Summit we’re able to get a better understanding of their methods, preferences, strategies and demographics. Here are the key findings from the 2014 Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report, based on a ….

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