Brands on Twitter: What do people want?

Twitter is a valuable and influential marketing tool for brands. Read on for how to use it and leverage it for your business benefit.

A recent study from Omnicore has these stats on Twitter as of 2020:

  • There are 340 million Twitter users.
  • There are 186 million monetizable daily users.
  • There are 500 million Tweets sent per day.
  • And, in 2020, Twitter has made 1.62 billion dollars in ad revenue.

Don’t you want the 255 million active Twitter users to engage with your brand? Below are a few steps you can take to Tweet the way your customers want to be tweeted to.

1. Write Good Tweets

This seems like a simple concept, but you’d be surprised how easily this can go wrong.

Make sure you know the difference between voice and tone. A business’ voice should never change, but their tone should vary based on individual situations. If one of your followers did not have a pleasant experience, a more sympathetic tone may be necessary. Treat each tweet like a conversation. Be sure to talk with people, not at them, and remember to always be professional, but not overly formal.

Try to consider how your tweets will be consumed by followers. Are you producing and syndicating content that they would be interested in? If your tweet showed up in your feed, would you retweet it?

2. Hashtags on Twitter

Using a short, recognizable hashtag is a great way for Twitter users to easily follow along. If you’re using an existing hashtag, make sure your tweet is adding value to the conversation. It’s important to note that the use of one or two hashtags can get you up to 2x more engagement than tweeting without hashtags. However, studies show that more than two hashtags drops your engagement by an average of 17 percent.

3. Offer Your Followers Something Valuable

It’s no secret that people follow brands for discounts, promos, and free stuff, but that certainly can’t be the only things you tweet about. Twitter is a great platform to share exclusive deals, but your followers want more. They want interesting, shareable information. So whether it’s a blog post on how to best use your product, a link to a coupon, or an update about an upcoming event or sale, make sure your content is special.

4. Post Often

More posts equal more engagement. There’s no set amount of how many tweets you should post a day, but you should do what you can to develop a regular rhythm of tweeting. Your followers need to know that they are going to get regular updates from you. Regular tweeting helps establish you as an authority and gives you many opportunities to engage with your fans.