ClickBank Partners with Voluum, a Cloud-Based Ad Tracker

ClickBank is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Voluum, a cloud-based ad tracker. Voluum helps affiliates track and analyze data, and then allows them to use real-time reports to optimize and scale their business. According to ClickBank CEO, Kelly Householder, offering an integration with a company of this quality was the right decision in making sure ClickBank clients have the best tools they need to get the job done.

“ClickBank is excited to partner with Voluum as the only certified tracking integration. Offering our clients a comprehensive set of services and tools to optimize their business is paramount. Our partnership with Voluum is a key part of this offering,” said Householder.

First of Its Kind

Voluum is the first cloud-based ad-tracker of its kind to bring a robust offering of tools and utilizations. Affiliates are provided with 30+ data points per each impression, visit, click and conversion. This kind of data ultimately gives them an in-depth and well-rounded view into their performance. Mobile and desktop notifications will alert affiliates to any sudden performance changes based on Voluum’s analytic reports. This feature empowers affiliates to make changes fast and save money in the long run.  

Additionally, Voluum allows for automation of optimization with AI tools, an anti-fraud kit powered with HoneypotTM,and direct tracking pixel–which lets affiliates to track ad exchanges and networks that don’t allow initial redirect (like Facebook and Google).  

All of this means a better affiliate marketing experience for new affiliates and veteran affiliates alike. According to ClickBank product manager, Zac Wolf, this is a tool for any type of affiliate:

“We’ve seen time and time again that the right data and analytics are the key to scaling. For new affiliates, being able to save money through automated optimization and performance insights is a game changer,” said Wolf.

Simple and Straightforward

Users will be happy to know that the setup and integration process is simple and straightforward. The first step is signing up for a Voluum account. The Voluum team has a dedicated staff ready to help users get acquainted with and well-versed in their platform. To add ClickBank campaigns for tracking, check out this step-by-step help guide in our Knowledge Base.

From the product team to our C-suite, everyone at ClickBank is always excited to move in a direction that empowers entrepreneurs. We’re looking forward to the future of our partnership with Voluum and to seeing our clients succeed.

CLICK HERE to sign up for a Voluum account to track all your advertising campaigns.