How to Get Started in PPC Marketing

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Written by: Charles Kirkland, Guest Blogger

How to Get Started in PPC Marketing

With numerous opportunities to make money online available worldwide, one of the most popular methods these days is affiliate marketing. There are several approaches to affiliate marketing, but most marketers agree that the fastest way to start making money immediately is through Pay Per Click Marketing, otherwise known as PPC Marketing. Unfortunately, this is also one of the fastest ways to lose a lot of money if you do not plan properly.

In this guide, we will take a look at three critical factors that every affiliate marketer must be aware of in order to successfully turn a profit using PPC marketing without the risk of losing a large amount of money.

Factor 1: Discovering a Profitable Offer

Generating an exceptional profit using ClickBank is still highly possible at the moment. Having said that, there is such a large variety of products and niches that it might be tough to choose the most effective income generating products on ClickBank to advertise. So what’s the easiest way to determine which products are ideal to promote so that you can make the most money without having to waste your time.

Let’s take a look at a handful of tips that when followed should put you on the right track to uncovering some of the most successful ClickBank products.

1. Pay attention to exactly how well other affiliate marketers are doing in promoting the product

It’s possible to understand a great deal about whether or not a product is profitable by looking at the sales statistics of others. A product is without doubt selling very well if there are a high number of affiliates advertising it. ClickBank has a sales statistic known as gravity, which is a number that represents the percentage of online marketers successfully promoting a specific product.

You shouldn’t make a judgment based solely on gravity, but it is useful data that ClickBank provides and can be an excellent tool in selecting a income generating product to advertise. Choosing virtually any product with gravity between 10 and 100 is usually a great start.  If the gravity is less than 10, odds are it isn’t selling very well. Likewise, if the gravity is more than 100 it may be an indication that the marketplace is saturated, although that is not always the case.

2. Monitor products that are rising in popularity

To discover successful products, it is helpful to pick one with statistics that are climbing. Restrict your choice of products to roughly 10 and track them for at least a week or two. Should you note that other affiliates are choosing one product a lot quicker than the others, then that could be a successful affiliate product.

3. Estimate the return rate

One crucial factor you should consider when choosing the top ClickBank products is the return percentage rate. When return rates are high, then a product sales rate is not indicative of your potential success with a product since you will likely end up returning your earnings in the future. Virtually any product with return rates higher than 15% probably should not be considered, irrespective of sales rates.

The only way to truly gauge return rates is to promote a product for a while and keep a close eye on the return rate. However, if you want to get a rough estimate of the potential return rate before you start promoting a product, you can do Google searches for these kinds of phrases:

“What is your opinion about PRODUCT TITLE?”

“Did you like PRODUCT TITLE?”

“Did anybody buy PRODUCT TITLE?”

The results for these searches will often give you a good overview of the quality of the product and what the general customer opinion of it may be.

4. Examine the size of the market

After you have narrowed down the products a bit more by crossing out products with high return rates, you should then check out the market size. For example, suppose you have found four different niches. Use the Google keyword tool and research the variety of keywords for each niche and determine the search volume. Google Trends is also a useful tool for analyzing the developments of a niche immediately and over time. The best scenario is to find a product with few competitors and high demand from customers.

Factor 2: Building a Quality Landing Page

The next factor to consider as you learn PPC marketing is your landing page. Once you find a profitable offer in the ClickBank Marketplace, you will then need to prepare a quality landing page. In terms of selling products through PPC, landing pages are among the most vital elements, and many methods are used to properly optimize the pages. One of the most successful approaches to making large profits online is by presenting a strong review page along with quality content. Here are some essential points to be mindful of when building your landing pages.

1. Emphasize the benefits of the product for your visitors

Industry studies have shown that a properly sorted list of product advantages can be influential to visitors. When clear benefits are listed, readers feel more encouraged to purchase the product.

2. Use convincing reviews and recommendations on your landing page

Unbiased product evaluations and testimonials provide fantastic possibilities for transforming your visitors into customers. Most people seek out immediate and quick remedies for their problems. Furthermore, they readily trust personal recommendations that don’t seem biased. Therefore, it’s best if you purchase the product you’re reviewing so you can provide an honest assessment.

In the event that you are low on money, simply explore the product in detail and compose a balanced review for your landing page. Some vendors may even give away review copies to affiliates so they can fully understand the product before promoting it.

3. Compare the product with other similar affiliate products

Presenting a comparison between a large number of affiliate products is a wise way to develop an outstanding review landing page. Comparisons easily grab the attention of a visitor and establish confidence. Make sure to compare between 5 to 10 different affiliate products at the same time on the review landing page to avoid any potential confusion or misunderstanding.

4. Focus on your keywords in the landing page

When making your landing page, highlight your top keywords and try to use them in the page title, header and throughout the content.

5. Make it easy to reach the vendor’s website

Since the landing page you are building is aimed at directing visitors to the vendor’s main site, you must guarantee that they are transferred to the vendor’s site without any problems or confusion. An easy transition to the main sales page will increase the percentage of conversions.

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