How To Find The Perfect Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Choosing a niche for affiliate marketing is a crucial decision that you need to get right from the start, or else all of your hard work might end up being wasted.

Most people will tell you to find something you’re passionate about, but that can lead you spending months and months of creating content just to realize that niche can’t be monetized.

That’s just one of the things to consider when choosing a niche, and there’s a lot more that goes into it to make sure you’re not wasting your time.

But there’s no need to fret, we’ll cover everything you need to find some of the best affiliate marketing niches in this article.

Let’s dive right into it!

What To Consider When Choosing a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Choosing a niche is hands down one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as an affiliate marketer.

Since you’ll be creating content and promoting products for one specific industry, it should be something you know and like, or else, you’ll end up burning out!

On top of that, a niche will determine how much earning potential there is!

That’s why it’s so important for you to make the right decision upfront, before you’ve invested all your time and money into your business!

What Types of Niches Are Good for Affiliate Marketing?

There’s only two types of niches you should look at when you’re just getting started, those being hobbies and evergreen niches.


To start, let’s talk about hobbies. Hobbies are great for affiliate marketing because more often than not, people are willing to spend money on them!

Whether your favorite hobby is golfing, painting, woodworking, or anything else, there’s a bunch of other people in the world just like you.

And to really separate yourself from the competition, you can focus on one sub-niche…

Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

  • Instead of focusing on all golfers, you can focus on senior female golfers.
  • Rather than focusing on all painters, you can focus on oil painters.
  • Instead of focusing on all woodworkers, you can focus on woodcarving.

See why it works so well? You’ll resonate much better with that audience, and they’ll be more likely to buy since your dialed in on helping them.


On the other hand, there’s three core niches that will always be relevant:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

They’re “evergreen,” meaning they have everlasting appeal. They aren’t based on seasonal trends, they’re based on issues that people will always encounter!

So if you are looking to build a long-term affiliate marketing business, one of these can be a great starting point.

I’d recommend you to niche down a bit, as I showed in the previous section so you can really dominate your niche.

How To Validate Your Niche

Now that you have an industry in mind, how do you know if it’s worth pursuing?

The best way I’ve found is to check Google Trends & Google to see if there are any competitors.

Google Trends

Open up Google Trends, and search for your main topic.

You’ll see a graph pop up, and it’ll show you how that product is trending on Google.

If you see the trend is positive and there are more searches, that’s a good sign. And if you see the trend is negative and there’s less searches, you may want to reconsider.

Here’s an example to help paint the picture!

As you can see, the trend for oil painting (blue) is going down, while the trend for acrylic painting (red) is going up. 

So while oil painting was really popular in the past, it looks like acrylic painting will be more popular in the future!

When an industry is growing like this, there’s opportunity for you to plug in and start earning.

Finding Competitors

Now that you found a niche that’s growing, you can see if there is any competition. 

While too much competition is bad, it’s important to find people in the space getting results, that way you know it’s worth it!

The best way to do this would be to search around keywords related, and see if any affiliate sites come up.

After that, plug the domain names into your favorite SEO tool (Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMRush), and you can see an estimate of their website’s traffic & revenue. This will give you an idea of whether or not it’s worth pursuing!

Where To Find Affiliate Programs You Can Promote

Lastly, you’ll need to find the right affiliate programs to promote.

One of the biggest affiliate networks in the world, ClickBank, is a great place to start!

With dozens of niches and thousands of vendors, you’re sure to find plenty of top ClickBank products worth promoting as an affiliate.

I’ve personally promoted a bunch of different products from their market with success, so I can reassure you that they’re one of the best networks to work with.

And if you’re looking to learn more, check out my guide on building a successful affiliate marketing business here!