How to Buy Media

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you want to level up your promotions, media buying can be a good next step. In this guide, we explain how to buy media.

How to Buy Media

The world has untapped mobile markets, including Africa, South America and the Middle East. Plus, more than 70% of the world’s online traffic happens outside of Google. The bottom line is this: there is great opportunity for your ads to be seen and clicked.

It comes down to three steps: planning, targeting and optimizing. Here are 3 simple yet helpful tips to help you navigate the world of media buying:

  • Planning: Focus on looks. In the world of ads (and dating) it’s all about looks. How your ads look across mobile devices and tablets and their responsiveness is key. Do the ads load quickly? Are the buttons responsive and easy to click on? Don’t worry – we’ve got the backend covered, as ClickBank order forms are optimized for mobile devices as part of our all-new Performance Marketing Suite. Since many of us don’t have all the latest gadgetry, the next best option is using mobile emulators to see how your ads look across devices. Just do a search on “mobile emulators” and we’ll find sites offering free and paid services.
  • Targeting: Think outside the banner. The standard mobile banner is 320×50, though it’s got issues. For example, it’s prone to accidental clicks and, as a result, skews your conversion rates. Test a variety of sizes, including both horizontal and vertical banners.
  • Optimizing: Segment your campaigns. In media buying, the results of your campaign could depend on three things: operating system, carrier and the actual device. So take a shot at segmenting your campaign based on these different media types. When launching a new campaign, it’s best to start out small and slow to have time to review the results. Then scale it based on the success. One good rule of thumb is the 20% rule. That means that once your campaigns have seen a 20% ROI, it’s time to scale.

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