Experience the New ClickBank.com

clickbank.com is looking better than ever after its birthday makeover.

Recently, ClickBank celebrated its 22nd birthday. Sure, that may seem young in “human years,” but that’s definitely over the hill in “tech company” years. While ClickBank was busy—oh, you know—inventing and building an industry, helping entrepreneurs earn over $5.5 billion dollars in commissions, and automating business for a variety of sellers and brands, we might have forgotten to do a little appearance upkeep. 

We’ve all been there. It’s understandable to let things slip when Father Time is at the helm of S.S. Existence. It was the true troubadours of the 90s, Smash Mouth, that said it the best: “The years start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’.”

For some people, it’s their midsection that gets neglected; for others, it’s crow’s feet and turkey neck. For ClickBank, it was our website. After we took a good long look at it, we knew it was time for an update. So, we put our best and brightest designers to work and had them come up with something that feels a bit more modern and light. According to Zac Wolf, ClickBank Product Marketing Manager, the need was obvious:

“The functionality of ClickBank has always been our priority. We’ve pedestaled making sure that our clients are getting the best of every possible tool to automate their business. Now it was time to give them a website that reflected our commitment to greatness as well.”

Home Page

You’ll find the new ClickBank.com easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and prettier (if we do say so ourselves). You will also get a better feel for how ClickBank serves sellers, affiliates, and its employees. We’ve made the space warmer and more personal.  We’d love to invite you to join us for a tour.

If you’re familiar with ClickBank and what we do, then you may never spend much time on the home page. However, if you’re new, we’ve optimized this page to encompass the best things you need to know about us.

Shop Page

ClickBank is a leading global retailer. We showcase innovative and quality products from a variety of categories. Our Shop Page is about finding what you need and discovering something you never knew you could live without.

Promote Page

The Promote Page exemplifies why affiliates choose ClickBank. It comes down to a reputation of conversion and reliability. We have some of the highest commission rates in the industry and every product we sell goes through a rigorous onboarding process to ensure compliance. Plus, the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace makes finding products you’re passionate about easy and straightforward. 

Sell Page

Do you have a product you want to bring to ClickBank? The Sell Page highlights why ClickBank is truly the best choice for sellers who are seeking to automate their business and grow their empire. If you’re worried about compliance, leave it to us–that’s one of our strong suits.

Learn Page

Spark is the only ClickBank-endorsed education platform on the web and you can navigate to it from ClickBank.com. Spark can ignite your digital marketing career. With a comprehensive library of videos and tutorials, the path to your first ClickBank paycheck has never been easier. official training program for ClickBank. CBU features expert advice from 7-figure earners who teach you how to do what they did using ClickBank. The experts behind CBU keep sellers and affiliates learning and growing so they can reach their full potential while ClickBank helps automate their work. 

Support Page

ClickBank offers support tailored to our users’ needs. Whether you’re a seller, an affiliate, or if you’ve bought a ClickBank product, the Support Page makes getting the answers you need easy and intuitive. Additionally, we have a rich help center chock full of “how to” articles that empower even ClickBank beginners to get started.

To experience the new ClickBank.com for yourself, CLICK HERE. And, if you want to sign up for a ClickBank account and get started as an affiliate or a seller, CLICK HERE.