ClickBank and Convertri: A True Dynamic Duo

ClickBank expands its certified partnerships to include Convertri.

In ClickBank’s ongoing effort to empower entrepreneurs to automate and grow their online business, we are excited to announce a partnership with Convertri. Convertri is a comprehensive toolkit that provides its users with the features they need to optimize their funnel speed, monitor page analytics, and seamlessly integrate any existing e-commerce platforms they are using. According to Convertri cofounder, Andy Fletcher, the decision to partner is about speed and success:

“ClickBank is an amazing affiliate marketplace and one of the biggest names in direct marketing, and we’re really excited to be partnering with them. With page speed being so important for conversions, we’re looking forward to helping ClickBank’s users see even better results from their sales pages and funnels.”

For ClickBank users, two of the most appealing aspects of this partnership are likely to be page speed and video optimization. Convertri has fine-tuned their process to make sure that pages load as fast as they possibly can. In the industry, the general rule is that a page must load within 3 seconds to ensure users don’t abandon it. The Convertri team makes sure that their clients do better than that. Their out of the box optimization can shave down page load time to make sure they page ends up in front of potential customers’ eyes.

The same goes with video performance. Convertri didn’t cut any­ corners when building the fastest-loading video player that gets video content up and running quicker than their competitors. Even if comes down to milliseconds, the Convertri team knows how important an instance can be—especially when conversions are on the line.

According to Kuba Poraj-Kuczewski, Vice President of Marketing at ClickBank, the value of the Convertri functionality is evident:

“We are excited to announce this partnership between ClickBank and Convertri. We have tested several landing page and funnel builders and have chosen to use Convertri ourselves as it’s the fastest and easiest to use. This partnership will enable our clients, big and small, to use an industry leading page builder and ensure they convert their visitors into customers.”   

This partnership also means extra savings. When ClickBank clients sign up for Convertri, they get triple the limits on any features for whichever plan they sign up for (a $297 value), as well as access to the universal funnel template based on Justin Brooke’s perfect page squeeze, and 6 pre-sell campaigns delivered starting the first week after trial.

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