10 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs on ClickBank in 2023

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for great supplements to promote this year, you’re in the right place! In this post, we not only list the best supplement offers out there, but also reveal product commission rates, earnings per click (EPC), average payout value (APV), and links to further resources to help you get started fast!

But first things first: why should you become a supplement affiliate? Well, here at ClickBank, many of the highest-performing products on our marketplace are in the health and fitness supplements industry.

In fact, according to ClickBank’s own internal data, product sales in this niche jumped a staggering 573.4% from 2019 to 2020 – and we routinely see an average payout value in the triple digits for top products on ClickBank. In other words, when you promote a supplement, you can earn a commission of up to $140 per sale.

Ready to learn more? Here’s our list of the best supplement affiliate programs to consider on ClickBank looking back on 2022 (along with their numbers).

(And don’t forget, if you want to promote these offers and start making money online, you’ll need a ClickBank account. It’s totally free to join – just sign up here!)

10 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs on ClickBank (Updated Yearly)

1. Exipure

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: exipure


Exipure is a consistent top performer since its launch in October 2021, becoming a favorite amongst our community. Branded as tropical, exotic, and made in the USA, their appeal is as a metabolism-booting, fat-melting loophole in a convenient pill form.

The appeal to affiliates? The highest average payout is sitting at $150.21 – a hardly noticeable drop from their launch APV of $156.08.

Their affiliate program makes them masters of conversion offering email templates (lovingly referred to as swipes), high-quality imaging, promotional links, and an otherwise done-for-you strategy. On top of that, you can apply to get an 85% RevShare commission, a bump from the standard 75%.

The results from their program are driven largely by YouTube, followed by Meta Advertising and email. However, their proven success is only bolstered by their repeated wins on the ClickBank platform. Check out the following resources to get involved.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.40
APV: $150.21
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.93%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://exipure.com/affiliates/
Seller Contact – aff@exipure.com

Check out their landing page here.

2. Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: lbjuice

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice
Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

Ikaria Juice is an attractive option for people looking for variety. Instead of more pills and bars, the Ikaria Lean Belly Juice is a versatile powder that you can easily add to routine morning beverages and glasses of water.

Their thorough landing page includes their scientific research (with cited sources!) and a breakdown of their ingredients, offering a refreshing transparency.

Starting commission rate is 75% but can be bumped up to 80% or 85% with a simple request. Their toolkit provides key demographic information, copy ideas, and many eye-catching images. They’re handing success to you in a finely blended smoothie.

As a trusted partner of ClickBank, the steps to get started are listed below.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.35
APV: $143.06
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.94%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://theikariajuice.com/affiliates
Seller Contact – aff@leanbellyjuice.com

Check out their landing page here.

3. GlucoTrust

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: glucotrust


GlucoTrust is a more mature product with a targeted base of people with type II diabetes searching for healthier blood sugar levels and overall weight loss. They also target those looking to reduce cravings and increase the restfulness of their sleep.

The main landing page is a no-frills appeal to those with an appetite for detail, so knowing your audience is key to maintaining conversions. Luckily, GlucoTrust takes care of the upselling, which gets you even more commission.

They also offer a French program if you want to take things global.

Speaking of commission, the starting rate is 70%, but you can request an immediate upgrade to 75%, if that’s your thing. So check out the stats below and get started with GlucoTrust today.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.32
APV: $145.34
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.91%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://getglucotrust.com/affiliates
Seller Contact – affiliates@getglucotrust.com

Check out their landing page here.

4. Teaburn

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: teaburn


Teaburn is a consistent top contender and has continually ranked all over our top 10 lists. It’s tasteless and versatile as it doesn’t lose efficacy hot or cold, or with other tea additives like the classic milk and sugar. The newest pitch is its ability to cancel out the tannins in tea that cause teeth to yellow over time.

Their affiliate page is no-nonsense and gets you right to the point. Of course, they leave a lot of the marketing up to you and hope their landing page takes care of the rest, but any questions or resources needed can be acquired by emailing their Affiliate Manager, Jackie.

Teaburn was a superstar upon launch but has fallen a bit as it hit mainstream appeal. However, that doesn’t make it a bad offer to try! Learn more about this comprehensive product below.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $0.86
APV: $127.11
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.67%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://teaburn.com/affiliates
Seller Contact – jackie@jvwithae.com

Check out their landing page here.

5. Java Burn

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: javaburn

Java Burn
Java Burn

Having some deja vu? It’s not just you — Java Burn is Tea Burn’s cousin! Like the above entry, it’s a tasteless additive that allows fat to slide off the body while tamping down cravings and boosting energy. It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee you use, or whatever’s added to it — it’s an automatic metabolism booster.

It has an on-again, off-again relationship with ClickBank’s product round-ups, but it’s regaining traction, which is why it’s on your screen right now. More affiliates are giving it a shot with its seemingly low popularity — or an opportunity to get in early on the winnings that Tea Burn has provided others.

Need help getting started? Their affiliate manager, Jackie, is an excellent resource. Her contact information is listed below!

Offering CPA: Starting at $120.

EPC: $0.64
APV: $122.69
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.52%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://javaburn.com/affiliates
Seller Contact – jackie@jvwithae.com

Check out their landing page here.

6. Protetox

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: protetox


Touted as the “Clickbait Unicorn” (with a matching affiliate landing page), Protetox boasts a higher-than-average hop conversion rate and a higher EPC, making it a pretty good bet when adding it to your affiliate spread. It’s also pretty consistent with ranking on ClickBank, usually staying in the top five of our product roundups throughout the latter half of 2022.

While it doesn’t have the highest APV on this list, the sheer number of conversions makes up for it. They’re also known to run contests, giving you more chances to score big wins.

Protetox offers a trim website to mimic their product — a full-body benefit of health and vitality. Furthermore, as an affiliate, you have access to a full arsenal of images and emails to help you help them help you. With these numbers, it’s almost impossible to lose, so try it out today!

Offering CPA: Yes, ask them about it.

EPC: $1.82
APV: $140.09
Hop Conversion Rate: 1.30%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://protetox.com/affiliates/
Seller Contact – affiliates@protetox.com

Check out their landing page here.

7. Glucofort

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: gluco4


Glucofort is a supplement filled with natural antioxidants designed to support blood health in Type II diabetics, improve metabolism, and promote overall well-being. Their team coined the term “diabesity,” the overlap between diabetes and obesity, using it as a basis for their audience.

To get their products to the people who need them, they’ve created a resource deck offering targeting information, images, and downloadables such as emails and banners.

With a modest APV, they offer bumps in commission to those who make more than 30 sales daily. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have an older audience, and it’s even more lucrative in the hands of someone running Youtube affiliate programs. Of course, there is also success seen in those running the classic Facebook and Google Ads.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.17
APV: $145.98
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.80%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://glucofort.com/pages/affiliates/
Seller Contact – aff@glucofort.com

Check out their landing page here.

8. Purelife Organics

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: alphasupps

Purelife Organics
Purelife Organics

Purelife Organics has four pillar offerings: Pure Neuro supplements for brain health, Flat Belly Tea for metabolism boosting, Sleep Slim Tea (as seen above) as a deep sleep aid, and Gluco Control for blood sugar management. As an affiliate, each comes with targeted email swipes for true product segmentation.

Their internal metrics are nothing to scoff at, with an EPC of $4 to $7 depending on the product, with $220 to $450 max payouts. In addition, social and native ads range from 1.75% to 3% conversion rates. All this together is a dangerous combination.

Reaching out to their affiliate support can also whitelist you for even more earnings, so don’t be shy.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.45
APV: $151.45
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.95%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://organichealthremedies.co/affiliates/
Seller Contact – support@purelifeorganics.com

Check out their landing page here.

9. ProstaStream

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: prostas


You will really need to know the demographic breakdown of your audience for this product, as ProstaStream is for supporting men’s prostate health. However, it’s a consistent performer as an all-natural health supplement due to its specific offerings and personal landing page.

Despite being part of ClickBank for quite some time, it still offers a three-digit APV. Furthermore, high-quality affiliates also earn commission bumps, making it a competitive offering.

With their application process, you have access to different proven streams of getting started, which you can use to tailor to where your audience is and your traffic source.

Offering CPA: Ask them about it.

EPC: $1.01
APV: $126.04
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.80%
Affiliate Tools Page – https://prostastream.com/help/affiliates.php
Seller Contact – affiliates@prostastream.com

Check out their landing page here.

10. Altai Balance

Category: Health & Fitness – Dietary Supplements
Clickbank Nickname: altaiblood

Altai Balance
Altai Balance

Altai Balance is a killer blood sugar and diabetes offer with an 85% RevShare commission percentage and a top CPA payout. The product is designed to target blood sugar and control weight using the power of scientifically researched and 19 natural ingredients sourced from around the world.

Ideal audiences included both men and women looking to lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. You can contact the seller below to find out more about this offer and lock in the best commissions!

Offering CPA: Ask Them About It.

EPC: $1.04
APV: $117.88
Hop Conversion Rate: 0.88%
Affiliate Tools Page – n/a
Seller Contact – jv@altaiscience.com

Check out their landing page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the supplement affiliate niche worth it?

As a general rule, yes! Health and fitness offers will always be in demand, and supplements are particularly hot right now. We’re also seeing some $140+ payout values, so you can expect a solid ROI from supplement products on ClickBank.

With that said, it’s a highly competitive space and you need to have a solid grasp on your audience to succeed here. Just like with most things, you’ll be more successful if you have passion and expertise in the supplement affiliate niche!

Which supplement affiliate program is the best?

At ClickBank, we track affiliate marketing trends, and we’ve seen the market for supplements grow by leaps and bounds in the last few years. That means you can’t really go wrong if you’re picking a supplement offer from this list.

However, it’s still important to do your own research and find the one that works best for your audience. And you should also remember that even the best-performing offers can lose their luster if the market gets oversaturated with them. That’s why it’s sometimes a good idea to focus on the trending or up-and-coming products that the biggest affiliates and media buyers aren’t focused on yet!

How do I get started as a supplement affiliate?

From Exipure to Altai Balance, these are all great supplements for affiliates to promote, but the question is how to get started as a supplement affiliate!

Fortunately, ClickBank offers a lot of great resources to help you, including this guide to free traffic – but here is a quick primer on the main approaches you can take!

Paid Traffic

I have to be honest – most of the top ClickBank health and fitness affiliates are media buyers relying on paid traffic through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and native.

They make money by creating ads that drive cold traffic to the product’s sales page (often with an affiliate bridge page in between), and because the average payout values are $100 or more a pop, they can afford to spend a decent amount on ads and still turn a profit.

Paid traffic can give you the quickest return, but it also requires a lot more of an upfront investment!


YouTube affiliate marketing is a good middle-of-the-road approach to making money with health supplements. You can create content centered around a particular audience – such as older women or young athletes – and then include helpful content with an affiliate link in the description.

This is a huge opportunity, but to get the best results, you’ll need to regularly deliver valuable content and establish real trust with your audience.

SEO Affiliate Site

One more opportunity to grow your affiliate supplement business is by building an affiliate website dedicated to the subject.

Just like with YouTube, you’ll want to focus on audience building here, generally either focused around your niche or around a certain audience segment. (For example, “ankle pain” or “Moms Over 40”.) SEO is a longer-term play than YouTube, as it can be difficult to get traction in search engines like Google without serious time and effort on everything from content creation to link building.

Of course, as you grow your affiliate business, you may want to have all three, as each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages. I would also encourage affiliate email marketing – building an email list is one of the best ways to ensure a sustainable affiliate business.

Conclusion: Best Affiliate Supplement Programs on Clickbank

There’s honestly never been a better time to get in on the supplement affiliate niche. In the emerging post-COVID world, people are more focused than ever on their health, so it’s worthwhile to help get these quality wellness products into the hands of people who need them!

Of course, while these are the 10 best supplement affiliate programs on ClickBank right now, things can (and do) change! We’ll be updating this post every year, but if you want to see which products performing best on ClickBank each month overall, be sure to check out our top ClickBank products post and see what’s trending – you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with our top offers updates.

We also have a great range of other top product posts on ClickBank you can check out:

Lastly, if If you don’t already have a ClickBank account, it’s free to sign up! Just head over to the ClickBank sign up page to get started! You’ll need an account to generate a HopLink you can promote to start making money online.

And be sure to check out the official ClickBank Spark Certification course. This walks you through everything you need to know to start promoting or selling offers like these quality affiliate supplements!

2021 Top Supplement Products (ARCHIVE)

If you want even more supplement products to consider, we’ve kept this list of the 10 top supplements on ClickBank in 2021! Note the significant amount of turnover in the supplement industry – we don’t really see any of 2021’s top supplements in the latest top 10 rankings for supplements on ClickBank.

With that said, most of these offers from 2021 are still available to promote on ClickBank’s marketplace, so if you want a proven offer to promote that’s likely seeing less competition, give these ones a shot!

1. Biofit

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: biofitsupp


EPC = $2.68
APV = $97.15
Starting Commission = 75%
Vendor Contact =

If you regularly view the monthly top products update on ClickBank, then you know that Biofit has topped the list for several months in a row in 2021. This is a dietary supplement for weight loss that comes from a long-time ClickBank Platinum vendor, so you know the product has staying power.

We’re seeing a solid earnings per click (EPC) of $2.00+ for Biofit, and even higher for warm traffic. It’s hard to go wrong with Biofit as an affiliate supplement.

Check out their landing page here.

2. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

Category: Diets & Weight Loss
ClickBank Nickname: fbtonic

flat belly tonic

EPC = $1.74
APV = $86.45
Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page =
Vendor Contact =

Flat Belly Tonic continues to be a reliable offer on ClickBank. Where many offers soar for a while and then fizzle, Flat Belly Tonic has managed to remain in the top 10 offers on ClickBank for about a year – which is a huge deal!

One reason Flat Belly Tonic is a good offer is because the people behind it keep optimizing the offer so that it stays fresh. It’s also a unique take on the supplement market (as a tonic instead of a pill). If you want an offer you can get to know and stick with for a while, try Flat Belly Tonic!

Check out their landing page here.

3. Bioptimizers

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: bioptimize


EPC = $1.66
APV = $28.62
Commission = 30%
Affiliate Tools Page
= https://bioptimizers.com/affiliate-center/affiliate-center-home/  
Vendor Contact = joey@bioptimizers.com

Here’s another reliable entry in our top 10 products overall for most of 2021. Interestingly, Bioptimzers is more than just a single supplement – it’s actually a product brand offering a number of different quality supplements for sale.

This means you can fully invest in Bioptimzers as a partner in your affiliate business, knowing that they have a variety of health supplements available and aren’t dependent on just one product doing well!

Check out their landing page here.

4. Carbofix

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: carbofix


EPC = $1.37
APV = $
Commission = 70%

Vendor Contact = matt@goldvida.com

Carbofix is another top product with incredible staying power. It’s been neck and neck with a few of our other dietary supplement offers throughout 2021, including Biofit – Carbofix even held the record for most sales in one day before Biofit.

This is an offer you can promote for the long term. So far, in spite of a lot of volume being sent to it, Carbofix has maintained great EPC and APV numbers as well. Check it out!

Check out their landing page here.

5. Keravita

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: keravita


EPC = $1.49
APV = $96.02
Starting Commission = 65%
Affiliate Tools Page =
Vendor Contact =

Here’s an interesting twist! Unlike many of the weight loss supplements in this top 10 list, Keravita is a unique product formulated to fight toe fungus and promote healthy nails.

Sometimes, focusing on a subniche like this one can help you get more specific in your targeting for better-performing campaigns. If you have an older audience that may need relief from toe fungus, Keravita is a highly successful offer with a high conversion rate and a strong payout of nearly $100 per sale!

Check out their landing page here.

6. Ceracare

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: ceracare


EPC = $1.24
APV = $123.70
Starting Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page =
Vendor Contact =

Ceracare contains antioxidants to support healthy blood sugar levels and boost vitality as well. The supplement is equally good for an audience of men or women – but it performs best for an older profile of age 40 or higher.

It also happens to have the highest affiliate payout of any supplement on this list at an astonishing $123.70! Combined with a low refund rate, this makes Ceracare a great product to scale.

Check out their landing page here.

7. Organifi

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: organifi


EPC = $1.26
APV = $75.82
Commission = 50%
Affiliate Tools Page = https://www.organifi.com/affiliate-resources/

Vendor Contact = partners@organifi.com

Organifi is a classic ClickBank offer, and easily one of the best and most reliable on our platform. In fact, Organifi is the pioneer of the affiliate supplements category on ClickBank’s marketplace, with a launch of its original Green Juice in September of 2015.

Organifi is still active on ClickBank, with many of its most trusted affiliate partnerships promoting their brand here on our platform. With Organifi’s solid EPC and APV numbers, it’s cloear that Organifi is still a solid contender. Find out more about them through their vendor contact, tools page, or landing page below.

Check out their landing page here.

8. Resurge

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: resurge


EPC = $0.50
APV = $95.72
Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page =
Vendor Contact =

Resurge is a sleep and diet supplement first launched in February of 2020, right as the COVID pandemic was starting. The vendor actually faced some shipping and logistics challenges at first, but eventually, Resurge broke through into the upper echelons of the ClickBank marketplace.

This supplement hails from the same partners behind the longest-running #1 product, Venus Factor! With an amazing affiliate payout of nearly $100 and a winning VSL, Resurge is worth a look!

Check out their landing page here.

9. Revision

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: revisionus


Revision was an up-and-coming product for a long time, before finally bursting onto the list of top products.

This is another great option targeting a subniche (in this case, eye health). With a 75% commission and payout nearing $100, Revision is definitely a good option – and probably has less competition than some of the most popular supplement offers!

EPC = $1.32
APV = $95.72
Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page =
Vendor Contact =

Check out their landing page here.

10. Toxiburn

Category: Dietary Supplements
ClickBank Nickname: toxib209


EPC = $1.36
APV = $111.32
Commission = 75%
Affiliate Tools Page =
Vendor Contact =

Toxiburn is a rising star that’s still burning hot on ClickBank right now. What’s impressive is how well it’s competing with some of our other health and fitness mainstays, even without a long track record.

It’s converting well on all the usual platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but even seeing results on Pinterest! With an incredible APV of more than $111, you’ve got to give this one a look!

Check out their landing page here.