ClickBank Platinum Program: A Public Debut

While the ClickBank Platinum Program is nothing new to previously inducted Platinum Clients, ClickBank is now debuting and introducing it to the public!

Introducing ClickBank Platinum

ClickBank has kicked off 2021 with an exciting reenergized revamp of the ClickBank Platinum Program.

ClickBank Platinum Program
ClickBank Platinum Program

Though the program may not be brand-spanking new, with a new website and new faces to the account management team, it definitely feels improved. According to Brett Chesney, Senior Marketing Manager at ClickBank, taking this exclusive program public was an exciting undertaking.

“Having worked closely with our Platinum Program over the years, it feels great to finally be able to share the perks, benefits, and resources with the rest of the ClickBank community,” said Chesney.

“For those hearing about the program for the first time, they’ll be able to learn how to qualify and get to know some of our long-standing Platinum clients.”  

Current ClickBank Platinum Clients shouldn’t worry about any changes to the program they know and love. All of the capstone perks remain the same.

With more people excited to rise through the ranks to join the program, current clients should look forward to an increase in the number of diverse and exciting networking opportunities.  

ClickBank Platinum Program Qualifications

ClickBank clients must clear $250,000 revenue in a year to qualify for the ClickBank Platinum Program. For those affiliates and vendors just starting out, this number may seem wildly unattainable. However, if you ask the current ClickBank Platinums, they’d say they thought the same thing when they first started.

“The goal of this program isn’t to section off clients into elite tiers. It’s to reward those who have stuck with ClickBank by helping them grow even more,” said Chesney.

“One of the most important priorities of ClickBank is to help bring up aspiring entrepreneurs through incentive and to nurture those who choose ClickBank to build, scale, and grow.” 

Among the ClickBank Platinum Program perks is a coveted invitation to the ClickBank Platinum Summit. Platinum Summit is a yearly destination event that brings together the best of the best on ClickBank to learn, grow, network, share, and celebrate. The 2019 event was held in Riviera Maya, Mexico, with over 250 attendees, and the 2022 Platinum was held in Costa Rica!

“ClickBank Platinum Summit is truly a meeting of the minds. Everyone that attends leaves refreshed, inspired, and more connected. That’s the goal with this event. We want to bring people with similar goals together and let them share their success and how they got there.” 

More Exciting Perks

The ClickBank Platinum Summit is just one of many premium perks offered to Platinum clients!

Others features include a personal account manager to assist clients in networking, technology, and opportunities. Platinums also have access to ClickBank software engineers to help them optimize their ClickBank feature use. 

And for those who aren’t quite at the Platinum level, ClickBank offers a whole host of curated resources to help clients reach their goals and succeed on the platform. ClickBank newbies and novices stand to benefit from Spark, the official ClickBank affiliate education platform. 

With the right foundational skills and a “never quit” attitude, you will find that ClickBank Platinum Program is attainable and better than ever.

“I love it when clients make it into the program,” says Chesney. “It’s always a good day when I get to see someone on ClickBank succeed.”

Find out more about the ClickBank Platinum Program on the official ClickBank Platinum page here.