Introducing the ClickBank Advantage Program: Enjoy Brand-New Incentives and Bonuses on Us!

The whole team at ClickBank is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new ClickBank Advantage Program – the new customer loyalty program from ClickBank!

You may have already heard of the ClickBank Platinum program, designed to reward our elite customers making $250,000 or more on platform. Well, we asked ourselves, why let Platinums have all the fun?

No matter where you are in your marketing journey – from a beginner to a seasoned pro – the ClickBank Advantage Program has something to offer you. Our goal is to provide you a suite of new tools and reward systems that make crushing your digital marketing goals easier than ever.

The Levels of ClickBank Advantage

Launching on ClickBank in January of 2022, Advantage features the following tiers, based on total year-to-date income on ClickBank:

  • Bronze: For incomes of $0 – 2,000 annually
  • Silver: For incomes of $2,000 – $25,000 annually
  • Gold: For incomes of $25,000 – $250,000 annually
  • Platinum: For incomes of $250,000 – $5,000,000 annually
  • Diamond: For incomes of $5,000,000+ annually

And best of all, these income thresholds apply to both sellers and affiliates, so if you’re making money on any side of the sale, it ALL counts toward your ClickBank Advantage level!

Why Advantage?

ClickBank Advantage Program
ClickBank Advantage Program

Advantage sets you up for peak success with an “unfair” advantage over your competitors on other affiliate networks and platforms.

When you want to sell or promote products on ClickBank, we do more than just list them on our marketplace – we provide you with the tools and perks you need to break through growth hurdles and achieve your ambitious business goals!

The Perks and Benefits You Get With ClickBank Advantage

So, what do you get as a valued member of the ClickBank Advantage program and our tight-knit community of entrepreneurs?

At Bronze and Silver, you’ll enjoy a VIP invite to Spark Live, our premier educational event. We also offer milestone-based rewards for these first two levels in the Advantage Program.

Once you hit Gold, you’ll get access to a Growth Manager who works in-house at ClickBank. This person’s entire job is focused on helping up-and-coming affiliates and sellers to scale right into Platinum.

As part of the Gold level, you’ll also participate in invite-only webinars, networking groups, and strategic planning sessions that will sharpen your skills and get you the contacts you need to grow.

After you reach Platinum, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager. This person will help facilitate key introductions to important industry connections, provide access to exclusive revenue-boosting features on platform, and give you on-demand reporting to maximize your success.

You’ll also receive a personalized award to celebrate your achievement and be invited to Platinum Summit, the high-end Mastermind for all ClickBank Platinums and Diamonds (and a great place to meet the movers and shakers in our space).

At Diamond, you’ve reached the pinnacle of our loyalty program. Nicely done!

Once you earn $5 million per year and above on ClickBank, you’ll not only receive everything that a Platinum does, but you’ll also get a high-end personalized award and VIP access to Diamond Summit, an all-expenses-paid luxury mastermind and adventure excursion.


These levels are more than just bragging rights – although they certainly are that too!

Think of them as providing the tools, benefits, and perks you need to motivate and empower you on every step of your entrepreneurial journey!

We’re excited to introduce ClickBank Advantage program here in January 2022, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on it. If you’d like to learn more about the program, please visit the ClickBank Advantage page.  

Also keep an eye on your communication email inbox with ClickBank for your first monthly account update!