Which Countries Does ClickBank Do Business In? [Plus Account Shutdown Solutions!]

It’s a question that ClickBank gets a lot: “Which countries does ClickBank do business in?”

We also see this question: “Why did my ClickBank account get shut down?”

And believe it or not, the two questions are related – so I’m going to answer them in one place!

In this post, I’ll break down which countries ClickBank works with, how our security protects customers, and what to do if your account gets shut down!

Let’s dive in.

ClickBank is International

First of all, I want to point out that ClickBank is a truly international e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace. We operate in more than 150 countries around the world, empowering entrepreneurs, e-commerce brands, and affiliates to grow their businesses on a global scale.

In fact, we have more than 100,000 affiliates and 4,000 sellers on our platform, and they hail from every continent and all corners of the globe!

Top ClickBank Countries

So, which countries does ClickBank work with?

Well, for security reasons, I can’t list out all of the exact countries we do and don’t work with, but I can share the top 5 countries on ClickBank right now:

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. UK

With that said, there are hundreds more countries that ClickBank works with every day, so if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate or seller on our platform, we encourage you to apply for a free account here!

ClickBank SIgn-up Page
ClickBank SIgn-up Page

The Top 3 Reasons a ClickBank Account Gets Disabled or Shut Down

If you’ve had trouble signing up with ClickBank, these are the top 3 reasons why your account is disabled or shut down:

  1. You may be in a country that ClickBank doesn’t currently do business in.
  2. You didn’t fill out your complete profile with all necessary fields.
  3. Your information wasn’t up-to-date and accurate.

I want to emphasize that, while there are some countries that ClickBank doesn’t work with, we do work with most of them – so don’t assume that where you live is the reason why your account was disabled or shut down.

Instead, I encourage you to go through the following steps and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

The Keys to Sign-up Success

If you’re having trouble signing up for ClickBank, here’s a quick rundown here of what to do.

First, enter all of the requested information as accurately as you can throughout not just the initial signup, but in your ClickBank master account profile.

This includes details like your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Tax ID

The reason it’s important that we get accurate profile details is because we do verify account information against identity and location. Any missing or incorrect information in your profile can keep your account from being accepted!

Second, assuming you’ve filled the profile out correctly and it’s still disabled, you should get in touch with our support team to see if they can assist you.

ClickBank Has Top-Notch Security

If you’re wondering why we bother disabling or shutting down accounts, it’s because we’re committed to providing a fair and safe platform for our community of entrepreneurs, product owners, and affiliates.

Keeping our platform secure is an ever-changing game, but we strive to make it easy and safe for our customers to use our platform, while keeping bad actors away.

Ultimately, it’s all about making ClickBank the best possible service to help you build, market, and scale your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ClickBank do business in my country?

Unfortunately, we can’t specify a list of “accepted countries” from ClickBank, and we also can’t tell you exactly how to ensure your application is accepted.

But we have a sophisticated risk and compliance team working hard to make sure as many people as possible can work safely and securely with ClickBank, while keeping up all current Sanctions Policies.

Which countries does ClickBank do business in?

We work with countries around the world. If you suspect that you may live in a country that we don’t work with right now, please try signing up later – it’s possible that the rules may change.

Why did my ClickBank account get shut down?

You may have had incomplete or inaccurate information in your profile during signup.

If you feel like your account was wrongly disabled or shut down, please reach out to our support team.


I hope this post has answered your questions about where we do business and what to do if your account is disabled or shut down.  

If you’ve gone through this information and you’re still having trouble with your account, try reaching out to our support team here. They may be able to help you through the process!

I also encourage you to check out these additional resources for more help:

We know it can be frustrating if you’re having trouble getting started on ClickBank, but we appreciate your interest and hope to see you on our platform very soon!