Reduce Your Competition By Promoting New Products

One of the first challenges you face when becoming an affiliate is finding that “perfect” product to promote. With thousands of products listed in the ClickBank Marketplace, and new products being added daily, there’s no doubt that this process can be extremely overwhelming! Using the Marketplace Stats and Filters will make selecting a product easier, but there is another search tool that is often overlooked.

While it’s natural to want to promote a product that others have found successful or one that has great stats, affiliates often forget about the untouched potential found in new products recently added to the Marketplace.  As customer’s needs and wants evolve, the products they desire to purchase will evolve too.  Promoting a new product listed in the Marketplace gives you the opportunity to introduce the product to your audience for the first time.  Since it’s new, there will also be less competition giving you the opportunity to earn more commissions.

Locating recently added products in the Marketplace is easier than you might think.  The first way to do this is to click the Advanced Search button next to the find products search box.

The advanced search menu will let you perform sophisticated searches to meet certain product criteria.  By scrolling down to the search section “Vendor Activation Date” you’re able to search for products that were added to the Marketplace before, after, or between certain dates.  After entering this information you will hit the search button and all new products that were added during the selected time period will appear.

Another way you can search for new products is to drill down into a specific category. Once there, you will see a list of filters on the left you can use to narrow your search results.  By manipulating the “Date added to marketplace” filter, you will only see products that were added during that point and time.

The key to success for every affiliate is selecting the right product to promote.  Take your time during this process and make sure the product you select is going to appeal to your audience.  For more tips on how to promote products take a look at a past article on 4 Simple Ways to Find the Perfect Product to Promote.