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We Changed Our Refund Policy

Sarah Rosin | March 9, 2020
The phrase “business day” is pretty far-reaching in business lingo. Which means that all of us have spent more minutes than we should trying to determine shipping, reply, or refund time based on counting weekdays, excluding weekends, and whether or not Groundhog Day is a federal holiday. (It’s not, by the way.)  Well, here at…
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Self-Care for the Affiliate Marketer

Sarah Rosin | March 4, 2020
This article was originally published in FeedFront Issue 49. Putting your success first means prioritizing yourself first. For affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs, it can feel like the only way to succeed is through unrelenting hustle. From best-selling authors claiming they know the secret to fitting three years worth of work into 30 minutes, to the…
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You may have noticed an uptick in high-quality and actually enjoyable video content across your social media feed, for everything from essential oils to artisan goat milk soap. This increase, while probably time consuming for scrollers, is expected. Marketing experts have been saying for years that the way to Google’s heart is through sexy video…
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How to Offer a Free Trial

Sarah Rosin | February 19, 2020
Get your customers to trust you & give you a try.  There has never not been a time when free stuff wasn’t enticing. “Getting something for nothing” is a well-known saying because the sentiment has existed for so long. Businesses of all sizes are aware of this and can leverage this knowledge to entice potential…
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Putting the “fun” back in “refunds.” No matter how great your brand is, without fail, someone, somewhere, is going to be unsatisfied with their purchase for a myriad of reasons. This was an irksome reality before the internet, and now that online shopping reigns supreme, it's even more so. Managing customer returns and return policies…
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A Mobile Past, Present, and Future

Sarah Rosin | February 5, 2020
Looking Back at the Innovation that Changed the World   Back in 2014, Forbes published an article titled Mobile Is The Future of Everything. In it, Josh Steimle, Forbes contributor and founder of MWI—an international digital marketing agency, got really excited about all of the mobile content changes that Spotify announced in December of 2013. Now,…
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All industries have a past. Never in the history of commerce has there been a blemish-free business type. The world has seen a whole bunch of very serious mess-ups. Ranging from oil spills to E.coli outbreaks; from airbag malfunctions to data breeches, the list is long and scary. Each of these instances, while undeniably destructive…
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How to Get Your Online Customer to Commit

Sarah Rosin | January 22, 2020
While some elements of sales conversions may be the same from the olden days of brick and mortar and face to face sales, many retail tactics have become outdated and ineffective. Since the internet opened up a massive sales frontier, the evolution of retail tactics has unfolded for a myriad of reasons; the primary being…
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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Sarah Rosin | January 15, 2020
A Beginner’s Guide to Making Bank Affiliate marketing is one of those things… like how bees make honey, or how geese don’t get lost when they migrate south, or how the tides changes… a lot of people kind of get it, but few people can actually describe the process completely and accurately.     The good thing…
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How to Recession Proof Your Business

Jessie Simonson | January 8, 2020
The Staying Power of Affiliate Marketing. Chances are most everyone is familiar with the famous trope of the eccentric (but harmless, man) walking the streets, carrying a sign that says, “The end is nigh!” Every town has one--and,  while his pessimism may be annoying, his perseverance is endearing.   Well, when we say a recession may…
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How to Offer Coupons as an Online Retailer

Jessie Simonson | November 20, 2019
Using the ClickBank Coupon Feature Why Coupons Work Enhancing your brand experience Coupon- Consumer relationship Tips and tricks for success Everybody loves a bargain. Our desire to get more of anything for the least amount of energy expended is in the very fabric of our existence. Fading is the era of bulky Sunday papers and…
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