Introducing the New ClickBank Trust Badge

Recently, ClickBank unveiled the very exciting ClickBank Trust Badge–a branded icon to help customers feel comfortable.

Over the past few months, ClickBank has adopted a number of initiatives to support our status as an internet retailer.

In partnership with our payment partners and the major card brands, the most noticeable of these enhancements was the branded ClickBank header, that needed to appear on any page with a ClickBank pay link. After an initial roll out (that we would like to put behind us), we went back to the drawing board and came up with something better, cleaner and more complementary to our vendors’ marketing efforts.

In that vein, we are proud to introduce the new ClickBank Trust Badge (or CBTB).

cbtb floating tab  cbtb header bar image

ClickBank Trust Badge Variations: Floating Tab and Header Bar

While adhering to the new guidelines, the CBTB provides vendors with multiple options (format, color and placement) to best suit existing branding, look and feel.

With the CBTB, the vendor can choose between a slim header bar or a floating tab. While the header bar will stay fixed in the center on top of the page, the floating badges can be placed in any corner of the page. Additionally, the vendor has the choice between a handful of color options (four grayscale options, and four color versions).

When clicked, the header expands to include text reinforcing that the customer purchase is backed by the ClickBank brand and product quality guarantee. Additionally, ClickBank’s Better Business Bureau certification and BBB rating (currently A+, the highest rating offered) are displayed. This means a boost in customer confidence and trust when any customer interacts with a vendor brand.

The CBTB is implemented via a line of JavaScript easily accessible from the Account Management Interface. Between the available color and layout options, there’s surely something that fits everyone.

To learn more about the ClickBank Trust Badge and how to implement it, see the Knowledge Base Article.

We have all been on a journey with this initiative, and have learned a lot during this process. We sincerely hope this new approach will increase customer confidence with purchases, but also with the dependability and service you trust in ClickBank.


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