How to Improve Customer Commitment

When conversions are the name of the game, customer commitment is critical. Here’s how to get them to say yes.

While some elements of sales conversions may be the same from the olden days of brick and mortar and face to face sales, many retail tactics have become outdated. Since the internet opened up a massive sales frontier, the evolution of retail tactics has unfolded for a myriad of reasons; the primary being increased access to information and multiple ways for a customer to personalize how they receive that information.

The online shopper is now faced with more decisions than ever. However, they don’t face these decisions blindly. Customers are now empowered to research all they need to know about each and every option before buying. How do you get them to choose you? Check out these progressive tactics to improve customer commitment.

Tactic #1: Free shipping.

According to a 2019 SaleCycle report, 82.24% of all potential transactions end in cart abandonment. Hands down, across the board, the number one reason for this trend is unexpected shipping costs. If you’re not already offering free shipping, you’ll need to change that to keep up with industry trends or your conversion rate will suffer.

One option to remedy customers’ tendency to dip once they see the new total is to add free shipping for orders over a specific amount. If international shipping will break your bank, offer it for domestic orders only. Whatever you do, you must incentivize customers to commit by eradicating the surprising shipping costs they see when they go to checkout.     

Tactic #2: Provide a congruent brand experience.

While online shopping is highly convenient for both buyer and seller, it rules out the tangible experience that customers get when they shop at an actual, physical store. To mitigate this missing factor, the next best thing is to create a virtual experience of the product by using congruent branding and high-quality media. Putting time and funding into this tactic can help you solidify your brand and increase conversion rates.

Tactic #3: Make sure customers know their data is safe.

If your order form feels sketchy or unfamiliar, users will bail before the sale. Seventeen percent of cart abandonment is due to customers’ distrust of a checkout process. One way to placate their concerns is to display “trust” badges. These are expected tokens for the checkout experience and offset potential buyers’ fears of online security breaches.

Tactic #4: Optimize your user experience.

Difficult navigation drives potential customers away. Plain and simple. Customers want to find what they’re looking for on the first try. Follow tried and true UX methodology to create an experience that feels familiar to users. Additionally, allowing users to checkout as guests rather than forcing them to create a profile can have a positive impact on your conversion rate.    

Tactic #5: Check your price. 

Hidden fees and a prices that are not transparent will drive your conversion rate down. Product pricing must be visible, fair, and clear. Like unforeseen shipping costs, hidden fees turn shoppers off. Making sure that your advertised price is consistent with your order form price will earn you trust from potential customers as well.  

Tactic #6: Keep your content relevant.

Any content on your website–from blogs to help text–needs to be relevant and meaningful. Customers are responsive to helpful content that can aid them in their research process. Comparative graphs, bullet lists, and easy to absorb specs can help customers find bite-sized and salient information chunks that will inevitably come to mind when they are deciding to commit or not.

Tactic #7: Coupons for the win.

Limited time coupons offers are one of the few sales tactics that has gracefully transitioned to the online e-commerce realm. People are motivated by urgency, so putting an expiration date on any coupons that you offer can help be the extra push a customer needs to make their decision to buy and promote customer commitment in the long run.

Tactic #8: Consider affiliate marketing. 

The internet is an expansive place and reaching all of the individuals who may want to purchase your product can be difficult. One way to get your brand more exposure is to try affiliate marketing. With allow affiliate options, you determine who you allow to promote your product and flexible commission rates allow you to decide the amount you’re willing to pay out for promotion. There are a lot of affiliates out there whose product endorsements are trusted and heeded. If you’re struggling to get your conversion rates up all on your own, sharing your product in an affiliate network may be an excellent supplement to your sales strategy. 

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