Introducing the New and Improved ClickBank Knowledge Base

You might have noticed that the ClickBank Knowledge Base looks very different today. Some of the sections have moved around, some of the old articles aren’t there or have new names, and the URL is different. What’s the deal, you might be asking.

Well, we’ve made a few updates to make the Knowledge Base more useful to you. We figured we’d walk you through some of those changes.

First off, the sections. We reorganized a number of articles, so that they’d be easier to find when you’re searching based on a subject. There’s a new section in the Vendor Help category about working with affiliates, and all of the articles on those topics have been moved there. We’ve also tried to make sure that each big category is clearly delineated – so that articles that only apply to vendors are in the vendor category, while articles that are relevant for vendors or affiliates are in the general account help category. Basically, we’ve reorganized so that the locations of articles is more logical and intuitive.


Next, the articles. As you look around the updated Knowledge Base, you’ll notice that some of the old articles aren’t there, while there are some new articles. In a lot of cases, we’ve combined articles to make information easier to find. For example, the General Account Help has a new article calledHow We Pay You, which includes all of the information about payment methods, schedules, and issues.


Finally, you may have noticed that the Knowledge Base’s URL has changed. We had to change the URL to allow for better foreign language support – you can now switch to a translated version of a Knowledge Base article from within the article. However, this does mean that your old bookmarks will break.

We’ll be continuing to improve the documentation as we go, but this is a start. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Knowledge Base, let us know.

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