Compound Solutions and ClickBank Are Now Partners: Custom Formulation for Top Supplement Offers

We’re pleased to announce that Compound Solutions and ClickBank are officially partners!

Thanks to this exciting new partnership, ClickBank’s top health and fitness offer owners and sellers have a direct conduit to one of the leading nutraceutical suppliers in the world.

In this post, we’ll share more about Compound Solutions Inc. and how you can work with them to create quality custom formulations for dietary supplement offers!

Who is Compound Solutions?

As one of ClickBank’s newest partners, Compound Solutions Inc. is a key resource for anyone looking to develop and sell a top supplement offer on ClickBank.

Compound Solutions Inc.
Compound Solutions Inc. home page

Compound Solutions was established in 1998, just about as long as ClickBank. Along the way, Compound Solutions has built a reputation for trust, credibility, and innovation. The company is leveraged for both ingredients and formulation expertise.

Crucially, the company helps you go beyond white label supplements to create your own custom formulations. And even better, what you get is truly unique – Compound Solutions is known for supplying more than a dozen exclusive, patented ingredients that include TeaCrine®, Sukré®, and CoreBiome®.

You can learn more about Compound Solutions here.

Why Work With Compound Solutions and ClickBank?

So, why would an offer owner want to work with Compound Solutions in combination with ClickBank? Here are a few of the great benefits that they can provide:

  • A unique formulation for a unique value proposition in the marketplace.
  • The science and the stories that consumers want.
  • Definitive proof to substantiate your marketing claims.
  • Customized solutions to meet your target costs. 

Overall, ClickBank offer owners can expect a trusted partner in Compound Solutions for custom supplement formulation. You can rest assured that the team there is talented, honest, and responsive, and you’ll be able to determine whether a custom formulation makes sense for your business.

Ultimately, if it does, you can expect fair prices and amazing customer service. The reason Compound Solutions is a ClickBank partner is because they’ve proven themselves not just with many of our current top clients, but with clients of ours going back nearly 25 years!

How to Get Started on ClickBank

We’re so excited that ClickBank’s partnership with Compound Solutions Inc. is finally official! This is a huge opportunity for nutra offer owners to improve both the quality and total sales of dietary supplement offers on ClickBank.

If you’ve ever thought about taking the next step with your supplement offers and creating a custom formulation, then you can’t go wrong with Compound Solutions. 

But first, you’ll need to get established with ClickBank. If you’re looking for more information on how to onboard your physical consumable product on ClickBank, please visit the ClickBank seller launch checklist for a full walkthrough.

We’ll see you on the marketplace!