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People buy from Compound Solutions (CSI) because of trust, credibility and innovation. Established in 1998, CSI has a longstanding track record of successfully bringing new ingredients to market including four of the most popular proprietary ingredients in history. CSI is often leveraged for both its ingredients and formulation expertise – creating the most innovative products suited for today’s trending consumer needs. Its ingredients and formulations have the science and stories to appeal to the consumer. Its ingredients are commonly supporting categories such as weight management, blood sugar, gut health, longevity, clean energy, best self/mood, stress, sleep and more.

Partner with Confidence

Compound Solutions supports the product development cycle from concept and formulation to pipeline planning and launch. More on each of those:

  • Concept Development: we’re experts at developing formulation ideas that appeal to your target market and stand out in the marketplace. We also regularly distribute trend and formulation guides to inspire new product innovation.
  • Formulation Support: Dosage formats from capsules and powders to gummies and liquids; solubility, flowability, heat sensitivity, bulk density, color, taste, and bioavailability. Not just lingo. We are equipped to talk about formulation not just as a concept, but how it is practically executed and completed. This means you make more money due to shorter product development cycles and quicker launches with formulations that support and substantiate your consumer story. We’ll couple our product samples with the scientific details you can use to craft your product’s value proposition.
  • Organoleptic Testing: We are organoleptically obsessed and can taste, test, suggest until the complete product is undeniably perfect. We can leverage our network to get you what you need to make your product feel, smell, look and taste right.
  • Product Launch & Support: We will work with you through identifying the right contract manufacturer and fulfillment house, as well as ingredient licensing agreements and label requirements to expedite the launch process.
  • Marketing & Sell-Through: Anytime is a good time for a good story. And, fortunately, utilizing our proprietary ingredients means you have research and science to create products with real-life benefits, as well as the full ingredient origin story, which offers many jumping off points for your marketing edge.
  • Pipeline Planning: Based on your audience and desired growth schedule, we’ll line up new ideas for line expansions or innovative reformulations. We always have new ingredients up our sleeves. Once you’re in, you’ll always be first to know.

Greg Tetzlaff

VP of Marketing for Nutrabolt (Cellucor and Xtend)

From working with Compound Solutions, not only do we find a plethora of ingredients that have incredible substantiation behind them, we also find the team on their end is just in this lifestyle as we are. They're finding ingredients and digging through research to really support benefits that consumers would want but also they would want. And that's where you get the true authenticity.

Thomas DeLauer

Creator & President DLMedia, Private Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

You can have your coffee, but take TeaCrine® with it, and you won't crash later, because the TeaCrine is sort of nullifying the effects of the caffeine as far as the adenosine surge goes. This is really, really powerful. It basically is making it so you can start building up a better reaction to caffeine and not build up a massive tolerance over time.

Head of Product Development

Mid-Sized Brand

We chose acacia fiber as the base of our MCT Oil Powder [as goMCT®] because it helps regulate your blood sugar levels, keeps you fuller longer, and has gut-friendly prebiotic benefits - meaning it promotes a healthy microbiome and digestive regularity.

Offer Creator

That is a great price for a custom formula like this! Your hard work in creating this formula pays off. Thanks!

Offer Creator

You rock Kyle! So glad we get the chance to work together on this. Exciting stuff!

Offer Creator

This is pure gold!

Scientific Content Lead

Large Brand

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the “Nutravate” summit, the lineup of speakers was extremely inspiring and insightful. This mashup of the best scientists, marketing professionals and academics was something to be cherished. Looking forward to the next summit in 2023.

It is the most professionally, mentally, emotionally uplifting place I have ever worked. Leadership is progressive in all ways and no “closed doors” ever. This is an unusually GOOD company that does GOOD for all humans and the earth. Management believes in the employees and helps them reach their potential. The perks offered by the company are second to none. Not sure how I found this place, but so glad I did!

Senior VP of Innovation

Large Brand

That was absolutely disruptive to our industry