We Changed Our Refund Policy

The phrase “business day” is pretty far-reaching in business lingo. Which means that all of us have spent more minutes than we should trying to determine shipping, reply, or refund time based on counting weekdays, excluding weekends, and whether or not Groundhog Day is a federal holiday. (It’s not, by the way.) 

Well, here at ClickBank we want to do our part to do away with that unneeded stress. While we still respect, love, and cherish weekends, we will now be issuing refunds 24/7. That’s right—customers who request a refund through our customer service website will now be receiving them on any day of the week—not just business days.

So what does that this refund policy change mean for ClickBank vendors? Well, for one, it means that customers will be getting their refunds sooner.

It also means that the window to save a sale or a subscription by communicating through our customer support ticket system extends into weekends now. So, if a customer requests a refund on Friday, it will be automatically issued 24 hours later (depending on shipping and product type) regardless if that time falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Be sure to update your return policy, if you need to.

For a quick refresher on ClickBank’s customer support ticket system, CLICK HERE to check out our updated ticket management how-to article.

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