5 Takeaways From “Grow From Home”: A ClickBank Webinar

“Grow From Home”: A ClickBank Webinar features special guests with tips and tricks to help you adjust to working from home.

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If you’ve lost track of the weeks you’ve been marooned to your house, that’s completely understandable. Being stuck at home might feel a bit stagnant right now. Whether you’re feeling uninspired in your work or in your outfit choices (sweatpants again?), we get it. Options truly are limited at this time and hey, we don’t blame you if you’ve made it through all three seasons of Ozark in a week while wearing the same hoodie. Times are tough in a lot of ways. 

That being said, we want you to know that you have ClickBank’s support during this pandemic. To help you make the most of your time in quarantine we put together a free webinar chock full of tips and tricks on how you can optimize your time as a seller or an affiliate on ClickBank.

The “Grow From Home” webinar features an A-team lineup, including the CEO of ClickBank, Kelly Householder. You’ll also hear from Senior Business Developer Manager, Thomas McMahon, on networking from home. Vinnie Fisher, CEO of Fully Accountable, will close it out with tactics on how to run leaner and cut costs. 

If you’re on the fence between tuning in for forty-five minutes or watching Tiger King, who says you can’t do both? We suggest you start with this webinar though because a) it can help you optimize your online business and b) once you dive into the chaotic world of tigers, murder, and madness, you may not want to stop until you’ve watched all seven episodes. 

To peak your interest, here are five key things you won’t want to miss in the Grow From Home Webinar. To jump ahead to what interests you most, ski p to the minute marker on the video that corresponds with the item.

  1. What’s trending right now in the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace.
    Kelly Householder jumps right in with the details about what’s trending in the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace. Spoiler: It’s some good news that our sellers and affiliates are going to want to hear. 

  2. What you can do to scale online, while at home. 
    (10:25 – 25:47)
    Thomas McMahon knows a thing or two about ClickBank. As the senior business developer manager, McMahon is responsible for on-boarding +$8 millions a year in new revenue from new offers on ClickBank. He’s going to help you make the most of your time right now at home, and provide some tips on how to network without real life handshakes and paper business cards.

  3. How to nurture what you have and also grow into new connections. 
    (10:25 – 25:47)
    On top of providing general direction around networking and making connections, Thomas goes into how to tend to the partnerships you’ve already established and use this time to help them thrive. Additionally, you’ll hear about some awesome groups that can be an ever springing well of potential for your online business growth. 

  4. What kind of financial options are currently available for online business.
    (25:47 – 36:42)  
    With a background in business, tax law, and corporate law, Vinnie Fisher, CEO of Fully Accountable, has a robust and well-rounded approach to ecommerce and affiliate marketing. In his portion of the webinar, he outlines some of the current financial options and opportunities that have been made available to business owners through the coronavirus relief act, also known as the CARES act. 

  5. How to work on aspects of your business that need attention.
    (36:43 – 41:00)
    In addition to providing information about resources, Vinnie gets real about focusing on what you have: 

    “One of the things that I think is very important is working on aspects of your business that need attention. Everyone wants to be such in a hurry to go expand their company. In this time right now, I would highly encourage you to go improve parts of your business. It’s actually one of the most profitable things you can do.” 

    Fisher takes viewers through some ideal ways to “plug the holes” and stop cash leaks in your online digital business by paying attention to what can be improved right now, from home. 

You’ll learn about these topics, and much more, in this free webinar. Plus, we definitely won’t judge you if you watch it in your pajamas. To all of our ClickBank crew, and anyone reading who hasn’t joined yet, stay safe and sane out there. We’re looking forward to and cheering for your growth from home. 

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