Big Data Needs Big Support

Big data has big needs. Having so many numbers can only do you so much good without the right support to go along with it. 

But those numbers only tell part of the story. Sure, processing a lot of online transactions and signing up a lot of clients is impressive, but equally important is how well we treat our affiliates and vendors.

All of our interactions with our clients—providing customer support, processing payments, etc.—have taught us a lot. And it’s generated even more big data that we can mine to help vendors and affiliates improve their businesses.

Who Are ClickBanks’s Vendors and Affiliates?

Many of you regular ClickBank Blog readers may already be very familiar with the types of clients ClickBank supports. In fact, you’re probably a client yourself. (If not, you can sign up for a free account here.) But for first time visitors and newbies looking to get started, here’s an explanation of exactly who ClickBank supports to provide a little more clarity.

ClickBank’s clients fall into two big categories. The first are our vendors. These are people who have something to sell on the internet. Most often, they offer an information product that a customer can download, receive via email, or access through a subscription service or by logging in to a website.

Those vendors typically fall into some subcategories. To name a few, we have authors who sell their ebooks, printed books, and related materials. Coaches, trainers, and speakers sell their educational and motivational products. Hobbyists sell how-to guides and supplies. Professionals and small business owners share their expertise, as do teachers and educators.

As you can imagine, while most of these folks are highly skilled in their particular areas of expertise, they often don’t have a lot of knowledge about running an online business, so they need information and support to put them on the right track.

Our other big group of clients is our affiliates. These are people who already have an established online presence who are looking to monetize their audience by linking to our vendors’ products. They may be bloggers, online retailers or list owners, SEO or advertising experts, or they may maintain a website for some other purpose.

These folks tend to be a little more savvy when it comes to technology, but they also need help from time to time.

Big Support

So, how much support does ClickBank provide our vendors and affiliates?

To date, we’ve spent more than 7 million minutes on support calls with clients and their customers. That’s a total of 116,667 hours our agents have spent on the phone. If one person had to do that all alone, it would take 13 years and four months of talking on the phone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That’s long enough for a kindergartner to go all the way through high school. Almost long enough to live down the bad luck from two broken mirrors.

And we don’t just offer phone support—we’ve also conducted somewhere around 500,000 online chat sessions. That’s a lot of chat—almost enough sessions to have chatted with every single person in the state of Wyoming.

Through phone calls, chat sessions and email messages, we’ve solved more than a million problems for our clients. Think about that—one million problems solved. That’s more than 66,000 a year, nearly 200 every day.

And over time, we’re getting better at solving those problems. You see, we keep track of our data, so that if another person calls up with a problem we’ve solved before, we remember the solution. That allows us to give our affiliates and vendors—and their customers—the state-of-the-art, friendly, extremely helpful service they deserve.

Big Payments

Of course, support isn’t the only way we interact with our clients. We also send them checks. Lots of checks. Every single week.

In fact, over our fifteen-year history, we’ve sent out something like 450,000 pounds worth of checks. That’s around 225 tons. About the weight of two and a half blue whales, . That’s also about the same as 90 Ford F150 pickup trucks, or about 6 and a half empty Boeing 737s.

But you don’t have to receive a paper check. If you prefer, we can deposit your funds directly into your account. Either way, you’ll get paid on time, every time. And once you start making sells and/or earning commissions, you get to decide how frequently you receive your payments.

We’ve set up the entire payment process to be as comfortable and hassle-free for our clients as possible. And since we process so many checks, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to do it right.

Going Above and Beyond

When you’re a ClickBank client, you can count on us to pay you on time and to back you up with outstanding support—both for you and your customers.

But we don’t stop there.

We realize that all the data generated by all of those support tickets and payments is a valuable resource—a resource we can tap into to learn more about what makes information businesses like yours succeed.

Whether you’re a vendor or an affiliate, you can rest assured knowing that ClickBank is constantly working to improve our business and yours. Small and young businesses usually don’t have large data resources, which means they usually have to learn lessons the hard way—through trial and error.

But when you partner with ClickBank, we’ll put our vast pools of big data to work for you, so that you can learn from the experiences of thousands of similar small businesses and website owners.

And that means you’ll likely have fewer problems that need support and more checks arriving at your door.

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