Affiliate Marketing Tips: Tactics to Up Your Marketing Game

There’s no such thing as too many affiliate marketing tips, right? This week we bring you twelve tried and true tactics to help you level up your affiliate marketing game no matter if you’re just a beginner or a seasoned pro.

1. A product with low competition will help you to convert your audience into customers.

Try to promote offers with low competition. Especially if you are just starting out. If you can gain traction in an offer with low competition you are less likely to lose your audience to more experienced marketers.

This means trying to find products that affiliate marketers might not know about yet. The best way to find “sleeper offers” through affiliate networks. Sleeper offers are up and coming offers that are showing early signs of success but aren’t over saturated with promoters yet.

2. Always strive for quality over quantity.

Don’t base your choice of which product to promote only on a high commission rate. Strive to choose products that will provide your customers with the most value. The more value you provide, the more more people will buy it from you and your commissions will increase respectively.

3. Limit your promotion portfolio to offers with recurring commissions.      

There are many products that you can promote that has recurring commissions. This allows you to earn the initial commission and then commission for that same sale every month. This will help you grow your income and provides your more consistency in your paycheck so long as the product is good and buyers keep subscribing.

4. Increase your followers’ trust by showing them that you only promote products that you believe in.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing tips. Your audience will be able to tell if you believe in the products you promote or if you are just promoting them to make money. Use good copy and trustworthy marketing tactics to indicate to your audience that you support the products you promote and would buy them yourself.

5. Make sure the affiliate products you are promoting provide a solution to your audience’s problems. 

      People will buy a product that they believe could solve their problems. Here are some relatable examples:

  • A beginner affiliate marketer who is struggling to gain traction and traffic will buy a course that they believe will teach them what they need to succeed.
  • A person who wants to alleviate back pain may seek out a yoga program to help increase their mobility.
  • A mom who is a first time homeschooler may need recourses to help their kids learn from home.

All of these people are unique in their needs, but the fact that have needs and are seeking solutions is the thing they have in common. Make sure the products you promoter are the solutions and the copy you use points that out in a clear and concise manner.

6. Educating your audience about relevant products and services they may be interested in can be considered a value-added form of content. 

People love to learn and get new information. Finding comprehensive, accurate, and applicable information has become harder and harder as more people have started publishing on the internet. If you can earn people’s trust by providing quality information, you will have repeat customers.

7. Promote products that are directly relevant to the audience you are serving. The more relevant the offers; the more sales you’ll generate.

This is one of those affiliate marketing tips that is pretty self explanatory. Make sure you know your audience and make sure the offer you promote is relevant to them. You’re not going to generate a whole lot of sales if your audience is cat people and you’re promoting a dog product.

8. Disclose any affiliate relationships you have with the vendors you are promoting will grow your audience trust.

To earn the trust of your audience, it is critical that you disclose any affiliate relationships that you have with vendors that you are promoting.

9. Promote higher priced products as well as products that renew monthly to get higher commissions and ongoing monthly commissions. 

Higher priced offers will generally pay out higher commissions. Keep your promotion portfolio stocked with these and make sure to include products that renew monthly.

10. Make sure you provide timeless content, so your audience will stay with you. 

 Creating evergreen content is key when it comes to staying relevant in an industry that moves fast. Content about tips, tricks, and tactics is a good place to start. But remember to keep those articles relevant and accurate if you plan to keep them around for awhile.         

 13. Invest in education to shorten the time to your first commission check.

Supplemental education is a great way to get a head start in the affiliate marketing industry. I recommend The Fast Track. It’s a six week course that will teach you how to earn $1k/day. This is great for affiliate marketing newbies or Spark graduates.

For affiliate marketers everywhere, it’s important to keep your skill set and tool belt fresh and up to date. These 13 affiliate marketing tips are something I return to often and remind myself that the basics are the only make or break element of affiliate marketing. Truly, you have to learn the foundations before you can level up.