Secret ClickBank Feature: The Joint Venture Contract

Do you want the inside scoop on what secret ClickBank feature top ClickBank affiliates use to make millions of dollars every year? Of course you do! Read on for all the juicy details and how to make the most out of this hidden gem.  

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The Secret ClickBank Feature You’ve Been Waiting For 

The super secretary ClickBank feature is… wait for it…

Joint venture contracts. 

While joint venture contracts may not sound intriguing, they are more powerful and lucrative than their first impression may have you believe.

What is a joint venture contract? 

Joint venture contracts (JV contracts for short) are money-makers because of the fundamental structure of ClickBank.

Thomas McMahon breaks it down like this: 

“The basic way that everyone’s used to is traffic comes through an affiliate tracking link. Then, a customer buys through the ClickBank order form. As that happens, the commission to the affiliate gets split, and the rest of the money gets split into the vendor’s account. That’s the basic way. What joint venture contracts and ClickBank allow you to do is split that money, whether you’re an affiliate or the vendor, to split your portion of that sale again in a new way.”

One Way to Use JV Contracts 

This ClickBank feature lets you share revenue with a business partner or with a copywriter who contributed to your copy. Or, with an affiliate who rents their list to you. Or with anyone who could help you promote a particular offer.

Essentially, you can put commission on every sale on the table to attract partners, writers, and other affiliates.  

Second Tier Contracts

Another way to use JV contracts is through second tier contracts, or–as ClickBank calls them–affiliate referral contracts. Here’s how those work: 

Say you’re a vendor and you have an offering running and you know someone or meet someone who is a trusted player in the industry. You could ask this person for affiliate referral and offer a commission on each one they send through a JV contract.

So, anytime one of the affiliates makes a sale that was sent by the well-connected partner, they make commission, the affiliate makes commission, and the vendor gets their cut. All of these commissions can be set up and paid out with the joint venture feature. 

How can affiliates leverage second tier contracts?

As an affiliate, you can also leverage second tier contracts. If you’re promoting for a vendor, you can ask them if they’re doing a second tier. This means that you will introduce this offer to a group of affiliates you’re connected to, but you want a cut of the commission they make as a “finder’s fee.”

If the vendor you’re working with is unfamiliar with this ClickBank feature, you can share resources from the ClickBank Knowledge Base. This article will help them implement the JV contract.

Get Paid for Your Connections 

Second tier contracts aka affiliate referral contracts are great ways to earn money on top of your current offers or promotions because you’re basically getting paid for who you know. It’s an awesome way to monetize your connections and make money for your network.

JV Upsell Contracts 

JV upsell contracts are an especially lucrative use of the JV contract. Here’s Thomas on how JV Upsell Contracts work: 

“What this does, it allows you to take your products and give another vendor the ability to put them in their OneClickUpsell flows. So, if someone comes through their funnel and takes the offer in their OneClickUpsell flow, you get a commission from it. You get the customer from it. They flesh out their Upsell flow further, so it makes the offer more powerful for the affiliates mailing. It benefits all parties. And it’s a great way to expose your products to additional traffic you never would have had exposure to. You gain more customers, and build your email list faster.” 

JV Upsell contracts work especially great for vendors with physical products. If you’re a vendor who has a supplement, you can seek out vendors with digital offers. Then, you can see if they’d be willing to add your offer to their funnel. Pairing a physical product with a digital offer can help reduce chargeback and return rate. Plus, fleshing out an upsell flow ups the average order value which is ideal for everyone’s affiliates. 

The Power of JV Contracts

This secret ClickBank feature benefits both affiliates and vendors alike. When you understand how to use it, how to implement it, and how to suggest it to the ClickBank clients you’re working with, you can truly unlock its full potential. A lot of vendors and affiliates don’t know about JV contracts, or they’ve heard of them but don’t yet know the power they possess.

With this new knowledge of ClickBank’s secret feature, what path will you take to scale your business? The future is bright and the options are limitless. 

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