A ClickBank Webinar About Maintaining and Thriving

To support you during these times, we’ve put together a ClickBank Webinar about learning to adjust and getting back to normal.

As some parts of the US make steps to move back towards the “new normal” in a world still grappling with the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses and brands may struggle to find their footing. People are living and spending differently in an unprecedented landscape and this can have unforeseen implications on bottom lines.

In its 22 years in operation, ClickBank knows a thing or two about adaptation and pivoting. That’s why we value resiliency as a characteristic of our team members and the people who work with us. On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, ClickBank is hosting a webinar to share with you some valuable information about those topics, and more. We’re bringing together two industry experts with keen business navigation skills and a litany of tools and tactics to help our clients get their bearings, maintain, and even thrive during these times.

First up will be Thomas McMahon, Senior Business Development Manager at ClickBank. He plays an integral role in onboarding new Platinum-level affiliates, sellers, and channel partnerships. His portfolio has amassed over $100 million in revenue with millions of new customers generated for his clients. Even with all he’s seen (and it’s a lot) he’s still learning every day new and innovative ways to elevate business for his clients. For more about Thomas, be sure to check out his blog where he features ClickBank tips and tricks as well as general awesome information about affiliate marketing. 

On deck will be Amber Spears. Known as the “Coaches’ Coach” of in-house affiliate and relationship marketing, Amber has a reputation for incredible, repeated success in the affiliate marketing world. She’s a sought-after speaker, trainer, and coach who has keynoted on premier stages such as Traffic and Conversion, War Room, and Affiliate Summit West. Under her leadership, East 5th Avenue, a world class affiliate marketing agency, has shattered launch records and broken the eight figure ceiling multiple times. Amber has guided hundreds of in-house teams, agencies, and individuals through her tried and true affiliate marketing methods. Find out more about Amber and her partner program by visiting her website

Attendees should expect to leave feeling more confident about steps they can take right now to adjust their affiliate programs, pivot their direction, and optimize their course of action.

We are truly excited to share the ingenuity and innovation of these two powerhouse professionals. We’re looking forward to connecting, sharing, and empowering entrepreneurs to go forward, even if it’s in a different way than we’re all used to.

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