How to Learn How to Promote Products Online

One of the best ways to use the internet to make extra income is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is prompting a product through content or ads and earning a commission for a specific action–typically a purchase, however, in some cases affiliates may be paid for acquiring leads or clicks. Before you can start, you need to learn how to promote products online. 

There are a few brands and vendors in the affiliate marketing sector that have made it big seemingly overnight. This rare success has spurred a lot of “get rich quick” thinking in the industry and has led to an influx of digital marketing gurus. 

If you’ve shown even the slightest interest in affiliate marketing or digital marketing on Google or YouTube, I’m sure you’ve been targeted for ads and videos that all share the same “How I Made [inset ludicrous amount of money here] in [insert seemingly impossibly small amount of time here]!” 

It’s easy to fall prey to these kinds of claims and it’s even easier to understand why they work. Who doesn’t want to make the most amount of money they can for the least amount of work? That’s capitalism, baby!

But what these ads and videos don’t show you are the hours and days these personalities invested in the preliminary work before they finally gained traction as an affiliate marketer. They didn’t just upload one Facebook ad and bam!–more zeros were added to their bank account. 

It’s fair to say that nothing in the world–except winning the lottery–works like this. So that brings us to the point: How to Learn How to Promote Products. 

Who can promote products? 

First things first, let’s take care of the “who.” Who can promote products on the internet? 

The answer to this is easy: 


Seriously. Anyone can promote products online. The bar to entry is pretty low. You only need a working internet connection and a device to work on. Of course there are some things that make starting out a little easier. But if you were worried that you might not have what it takes… don’t fret. You do. 

Why promote products online? 

There’s a few reasons why you might delve into the affiliate marketing world. As we addressed in the section above, affiliate marketing is super accessible. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need a certification. And you certainly don’t need a guru.

Secondly, affiliate marketing has the potential to supplement or replace your income. If you want to pay off your car payment faster, affiliate marketing can help with that. If you want to have more freedom in your career and be able to unshackle yourself from the traditional 9-5, affiliate marketing can help with that too.

When is the best time to start promoting products? 

In my opinion, this is the best part about affiliate marketing. You can start right now; or, you could start two weeks from now. There’s no wrong time to start affiliate marketing. Unlike a lot of other things in life that involve stringent deadlines and harshly structured schedules, affiliate marketing is done on your own personal time. You’re not going to miss an enrollment date or show up late. You’re going to learn and succeed at your own pace.

How do I promote products online? 

There’s several ways you can start your entrepreneurial journey. You can dive right in, sign up for a ClickBank account, find a product in the affiliate marketplace, and slap a referral link all over the internet. We can’t guarantee that’s the best way–but it’s one way.

The best way involves some research, some education, and some trial and error. To help you navigate those first days as an affiliate marketer, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to inspire and illuminate. PROMOTE will explain more of the structure of affiliate marketing, some situations that affiliate marketing is used in today, and what ways you promote products.

This is your journey. There are infinite paths you can take. We want to empower you to choose the one that is the best and the most lucrative for you. Here’s to promoting! 

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