ClickBank Continues Upholding Highest Security Standards with PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance Certification

BOISE, IdahoSept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ClickBank has completed the payment card industry’s PCI DSS Level 1 Certification for 2017, for the tenth year in a row.  As a top global internet retailer specializing in the performance marketing industry, ClickBank prioritizes the operation of a safe and secure environment for all customers.  Our enterprise scale and security have enabled our vendors and affiliates to focus on marketing and funnel development, without concern for the significant investment required to achieve and maintain PCI compliance certification.  This capability sets ClickBank apart in an industry where other performance marketing platforms’ security practices may create risk for their customers and their brands.

“This achievement will continue to create significant value for our partners, vendors, affiliates and consumers, who can trust the ClickBank brand long into the future,” said ClickBank CEO Kevin Strawbridge.  “Our commitment to integrity and security as an Internet Retailer has been tested by one of the best auditors in the business, Schellman and Company, and we are proud of our teammates who work diligently to maintain the standards of excellence required for level 1 compliance.”

Level 1 compliance for PCI DSS standards as specified and controlled by the payment card industry, requires the most stringent security technologies and procedures for the highest credit card transaction volume businesses.  A level 1 compliance certification audit includes rigorous and thorough testing and review processes to ensure the top standards in security are applied throughout the organization, to protect consumers and their payment information.  With this certification, vendors, affiliates, and consumers can rest assured that ClickBank is hard at work creating the largest and most secure performance marketing ecosystem in our industry.

“All of our systems, tools, technologies, processes and employees are geared for PCI Tier 1 compliance; the highest and most strict PCI certification.  This ensures that all of our transactions are 100% secure and our system is 100% safe for both our vendors and our end customers,” said ClickBank’s Chief Operating Officer Mick Wiskerchen.

About ClickBank

Founded in 1998, ClickBank has established itself as a top global internet retailer powered by one of the world’s leading performance marketing platforms for both digital and physical products.  The ClickBank platform meets at the intersection of ecommerce, fintech and adtech, enabling entrepreneurs to drive consumer traffic and sales through a commissioned marketer network.

With over 200 million customers, six million platform users and distribution in 190 countries, ClickBank’s powerful e-commerce and mobile ecosystem provides entrepreneurs with an easy to use, secure online marketplace to help them sell their products and services.